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The best thing about this town is that there really isn’t much to do here! The picturesque town, is it’s own attraction. It’s good because it forces you to slow down and take in the surrounding beauty. ❤️ Where would you like to have a small quiet walk now? 😍 #hallstatt #austria
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Hello from a fairy tale ✨ What's your favorite castle? ❤️ #germany #neuschwansteincastle
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Take me back to Hallstatt 💙 What is the most beautiful village in Europe in your opinion? 😍 #hallstatt #austria
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When dream trip comes to life ❤️ Hallstatt was high in my bucket list for so long, that I almost don't believe that I finally saw it with my own eyes 😍 Already planning to come here in a different season 😌 Have you been to Austrian Alps? #austria #hallstatt
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Good morning from German Alps 💙 Would you start your day on a boat? 😍 #konigssee #germany
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Spending last winter days on breathtaking German lakes ❤️ Where do you await for spring? #germany #bavaria
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I think library addiction is even stronger than love for staircases and colorful doors for me ❤️ And when there is a combination of both, that's just a perfection 😻 What about you? 😊 Wearing my favorite red dress by @fabianacofficial and can't wait twirling in it in coming spring 🌹 #munich #germany #library
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The greatness of the architecture 💓 What was the most impressive museum you have ever visited? #munich #germany
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Postcard from Munich ❤️ What is your favorite city in Germany? 🇩🇪 #munich #germany #rathaus #marienplatz #ichliebedich #MINIonenine
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Copenhagen is about color 💓 I wish all the Nordic countries had such a bright architecture 😍 What about your city? @visitcopenhagen #copenhagen #denmark #nuhavn
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Expectations vs Reality. When you find something cool, and can't wait it share it but the services is just disappointing! You already know the story about these "kind" latte art messages (if not, just check my stories, they chose very rude phrases when we asked for specific ones 🔝) but you can't image how bad is their food. It takes time to get served with average food (as nobody cares about you) and we asked for the bill three times! In addition, we were charged for four cups of coffee even though they failed the first two (it was disgusting). ☕️ When a place is located in ultra-touristy area, just try to avoid. Nevertheless, regardless this, Copenhagen is the place with the most incredible food I have ever had in my life so far 😍 I am adding all the tips and restaurants to my Mapstr page (find me there "Katieone"), so you can check them out yourself ❤️ Tell me about you bad restaurant experience if you had some 🍝 #copenhagen #denmark #coffee
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Happy Chinese New Year 2018! 🎎 One of the world’s most colourful and exuberant events, so we spent a day in Tivoli having fun on attractions ❤️ Do you have some events going on for the Lunar New Year in your city? #copenhagen #denmark @visitcopenhagen
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