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Is it coffee or is it wine? 🤔
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I get a lot of comments (not necessarily on my page, but when photos get reposted) that say things like ‘wow, promoting obesity isn’t healthy’, ‘she must have heart disease’ ‘nice face, but needs to lose weight’... and I wonder why is it that people think this way? The fact that I am a bigger human doesn’t mean I’m sitting at home, eating a high calorie diet, eating junk every meal and doing no exercise. I work out, and I have some days when I can’t be bothered, I eat healthy and sometimes I eat foods that aren’t, I drink 3L of water a day, I also like to have wine on fridays. I have balance and that’s ok. Sometimes I have days where I don’t have an ounce of confidence in my body and that’s ok. I see people on instagram that I may think aren’t healthy or attractive to me (I don’t comment, it’s just an observational thought) but do I think that they aren’t worth of loving themselves? No. I think everybody, no matter what I may think of them or how they live their lives is worthy of respect. It’s their life, how do their choices effect you or me? How will saying something mean make a positive change? My beliefs may be different to theirs or yours, my health and fitness goals may be different others, people will have bodies that you don’t find attractive, but are they worthy of respect and self love? Abso-fkn-lutely.
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Fittings 📷
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Back in the big apple 🍎🇺🇸🗽
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What an experience! We did it @georgiagibbs_ !!! @si_swimsuit @any.body_co
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BEYOND EXCITED TO OFFICIALLY BE A @SI_SWIMSUIT ROOKIE 🙌🏽😇🙋🏼 Thankyou so much to everyone that made this possible, I’m honestly lost for words right now 😅
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This is how you do a sunset #perth
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🍻not a bad night 📸 @dan.carlisle
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I’ve recently teamed up with @sonsee_woman who provide Under garments and comfort layers made for women with curves available from Sonsee Woman, to celebrate teaming up with a beautiful Australian brand I have 20% off using the code KATE4SONSEE♥️💃🏼 #imasonseewoman #feelgoodfeelfree
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They asked us one question and we spoke for an hour 🤷🏼‍♀️ @mura_boutique @georgiagibbs_ @any.body_co full video link in bio ⬆️
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