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• advice from an emotional human. _ ps. how many fish do you see under the ocean? 🐠
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• tell me about your dreams. ☕️☁️ would love to read i am not the only one with crazy 16-canadian-dollar-elephants dreams.
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• stop and smell. the flowers. in my heart. they’re blooming. since you left. stop and smell and walk away. again. _ feeling better, 7:21 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• happy valentine’s my loves. xx 🖤
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• (dramatic pause) i don’t know if it happens to you guys, but when i am driving, my mind is sometimes louder than the music. it was 6:27 am, cold raining morning, i was heading to my 7:00 am class (not excited about that tho) and while i was driving i was thinking in all the things i have to do today, school, work but mostly about how i was going to deal with some personal stuff. i was starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed and was about to break into tears when suddenly i see this red car lose control and starts spinning on the highway. it hits a car. both cars spinning. my right leg reaches the brake. (dramatic pause) i started shaking. suddenly my mind was quite. took me a while to hear the guy hitting my window to see if i was ok. i knew i was ok. i am ok. while i was waiting for my parents to arrive, my mind was louder than all the traffic and i started thinking again about that personal stuff i was going to deal with. now my overwhelmed seemed ridiculous. sometimes we worry too much about superficial stuff. the real troubles in our lives are apt to be things that never crossed our worried minds, the kind that blindside you at 6:38 am in some random tuesday. _ home, 11:42 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk this print is available at my Society6 page. link on bio.
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• in the gasps and silences, that’s where you find yourself. _ check out the latest @photoshop post and instagram stories! use the hashtag #Ps_Wild for a chance to be featured on their page this month, 11:33 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• what are you doing? reaching for the stars. _ it’s sunday, tho. im gonna be in bed all day, i’ll reach for them again monday. 9:20 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.🌼🖤 _ sorry for the repost (not really) but this is a visual representation of how i feel right now after my relaxation massage, 12:36 pm #wearemadeofstoriesbyk 🖤 Nature sneaky raccoon series.
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• late night apologies. _ it’s friyaaaaaay! 9:15 am 🖤
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• for the rest of our lives. _ love goals, 9:53 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• This is part of what keeps me inspired: We Are Made of Stories: India 🇮🇳🖤 I had the most amazing and heart full experience. I learned that is not happy people who are thankful, it is really thankful people who are happy. *swipe to see the full video* _ #wearemadeofstoriesbyk 🖤 _ Thanks for everything, dream team: @jcordovajr @kokobeansie @peterjmcmurray @jeffreykfinley
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• stay away from lonely places. _ drowning in work 🙃, 1:13 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• hypothetically speaking, at what point does fire becomes too much fire? _ on my way back home, 6:54 pm #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• guys! go and follow the official @photoshop account! as an #AdobePartner i will be doing a week takeover and will show you through ig stories some behind my work and how i made some of my favourite artworks during the week, like this one! see you there 🖤 _ roadtripping, 11:54 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• the only magic I still believe in is nature. _ first day of my thesis year, 9:18 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• a dreamer, wanting to be completely out of touch with reality. _ better, 7:24 pm 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• my mind is filled with so many thoughts and feelings, it feels like I have the entire universe inside of me. _ living, 10:45 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• Up in the clouds on my way to unknown things. _ ✈️🇮🇳, 5:44 pm 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• You’re the panda to my moon. _ Freezing waiting for the bus after watching Aladdin The Musical. My cheeks hurt for smiling too much. 10:38 pm 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• i cried while eating a bagel this morning while walking the streets of london because I was so f**cking happy. _ my sleeping hours are a mess, 2:14 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk #shotoniphone
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• Your cells contain the universe. _ I went to the @sea_life_london Aquarium and I honestly was more excited than all the kids there. They’re doing an amazing job with marine conservation. I watched these guys for like twenty minutes. No Photoshop needed. At all. I had to share this with you. London: I really love you. _ 5:52 pm 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk #shotoniphone
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• I asked the zebra Are you black with white stripes? Or white with black stripes? And the zebra asked me, Are you good with bad habits? Or are you bad with good habits? Are you noisy with quiet times? Or are you quiet with noisy times? Are you happy with some sad days? Or are you sad with some happy days? Are you neat with some sloppy ways? Or are you sloppy with some neat ways? And on and on and on and on And on and on he went. I'll never ask a zebra About stripes Again. ‘Zebra Question’, Shel Silverstain _ Lying in bed, 8:33 am 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• Be kind and kindness will grow upon you. _ Starbucks, 6:39 pm 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk
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• Draw me like one of your Pandas. _ Packing, 8:27 pm 🖤 #wearemadeofstoriesbyk #WHPspontaneous
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