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• Hold my universe.✨
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• I fall in love with the moon and everything that is beautifully unreachable. 🌙🌻
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• Making America great, always.🗽🐼 _ 4 hours, 8 op’s, 152 layers, 10 Oreo’s, a bag of chips + ginger ale = the longest edit I’ve ever done haha. This is for a special project I can’t wait to share with you soon. Ps. Elephants are my favorite animal tho.💁🏼🐘🖤
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• Visual representation of me patiently waiting for pancakes after a night out.
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• ‘Do you remember that time you thought you couldn’t live without him? And look at you, living and shit.’ — My heart, Thursday, 6:37 pm. _ #WeAreMadeOfStoriesbyK
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• Sometimes I feel I am more dreams than human. But I hope one day to be more stories than dreams.🖤 #WeAreMadeOfStoriesbyK _ Ps. Please send coffee, can’t keep my eyes open 😂😭☕️
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• How weird is that we humans are able to have thoughts about our thoughts?
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• We always get to choose how we see things, how we react to things, how we value our experiences. Nobody is responsible for your situation but you. _ #WeAreMadeOfStoriesbyK 🖤
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• Vintage ride.🐼
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• Do epic sh*t. _ #WeAreMadeOfStoriesbyK 🖤 ‘Laundry Day’ #whpdayoff
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• You are what your he(art) seeks. I remember since I was little I always wanted to be an artist, but I guess deep down I just wanted to be art. Oh, this seeking heart of mine. I guess that’s why I have no time for things/people that have no soul. Not everyone will understand your journey. And that’s ok. We’re here to live our lives, no to make people understand. _ #WeAreMadeOfStoriesbyK 🖤
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• You deserve more than a painful love. Keep your heart healthy. Do not bother holding on to the ones that hurt you in any way. We choose the stories we live, so choose them, for your heart and soul, wisely. _ #WeAreMadeOfStoriesbyK Gracias por la foto! @poggidiego 🖤🖤
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