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When you pose for a picture VS. (swipe for) the second right before or after....😂😁🤣 I can’t believe I’m going to be on TV show, you guys!!!!! 😭And I can’t believe @glammasters is going to premiere on TV in 10 days!!! 🖊Mark your calendars 📺 Set your DVRs for February 28th on @lifetimetv at 10pm!!! 💄🎨 You’ll be inspired, encouraged and maybe on the edge of your seat for the judging of the makeup by me and my 3 amigos: @zannarassi @lavernecox & @makeupbymario #glammasters #tv #getready #for #makeup
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Caption this with something other than how bad my nails look...🙈
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Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair...#tbt to 16 year old me who only wore this outfit once because I thought it was “too revealing”... and them eyebrows always been higher than the sky! 😂😂😂😂#throwbackthursday #longhair #days
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20 minutes after I slipped and fell.... Little did I know I would be gaining such a treasure of a friend when I filmed @glammasters ...she has made my #nyfw THE BEST TIME EVER! And we both unknowingly matched our pinks perfectly!💕
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📸When you don’t have anyone to take your picture so all your outfit pictures are mirror selfies....🙈😬 the opposite of everyone else at Fashion Week It seems! 😂😂#OOTD : JACKET: vintage thrift treasure HOODIE DRESS: @bitchingandjunkfood SHOES: @rickowensonline #nyfw #nyfw2018 #rickowens
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I promise I had a shirt on....✂️💕You asked for all the angles....you shall receive ✂️Master hair chopper: @danitygr #longhair ➡️shorthair #greenHair ➡️ #pinkhair
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👀LOOK AT THE NEW HAIR👩‍🎤...dressing weird per usual for some #NYFW ...big shout out to beautiful bathroom lighting for helping out my iPhone photography at @thenomosoho #new #shorthair #pinkhair #ootd
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💥THROW🔙 THURSDAY⏰🕰⏱🕤🕗🕑....to 16 year old me. I worked at a clothing store and bought most of my clothes with my paycheck...including this argyle print dress which I think I actually never wore again. 🙈I feel like I should recreate some #tbt #throwbackthursday pictures of mine! 😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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✨🌈BOOM! BEFORE AND AFTER💕 @danitygr brought me back to the PINK SIDE and re-shaped my hair into perfection! She’s an amazing hair sculptor with ✂️ 🥣HAIR RECIPE: @pulpriothair in Blush on the end and Cupid on the roots! 💕#shorthair #greenhair to #pinkhair
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🧒🏻↔️👩🏻 OG Kandee Hair but picture taken today....😆 I’m literally trying on almost my entire wig collection to decide what color to do my hair today?!?🙈😫🧐😆 PS. Yes that’s my phone case, it’s eyes! #LongHair #ShortHair #PinkHair #BlueHair
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🤐👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Everyone needs friends that don’t gossip or talk behind their back, are loyal and that are safe to trust because you know they have your back no matter what. ❤️🙈👏🏼I’m proud of Kylie for protecting her emotions and the baby from the millions of people with their negative comments during her precious pregnancy. #kyliejenner #friend #goals
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🎉NEW VIDEO UP ON YOUTUBE🎉☝🏼CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO FOR SOME FUN & FINDS....✂️and the youtube DEBUT of my NEW short hair... #New #Beauty #favorite #Video
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💖Making a sparkle sandwich with these two amazing souls @raelynnofficial & @jerrodblandino at the dreamiest @toofaced launch Event 💖 I’m giving you Bavarian Bar Maid vibes!😂#TFlifeFestival #Makeup #Unicorns & #Rainbows #TooFaced
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#tbt to 2008...i was and had been a freelance makeup artist for years, who had started writing a beauty blog that who knows, who read it! A few months later i would upload my first makeup video to help teach people about how to clean their makeup brushes.... 📸Camera quality was low back then😂#throwbackthursday #makeupartist #days
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🍋When life gives you a lemon tree....💜Lavender Lip: @smashboxcosmetics matte liquid lip in PURPLE TAFFY with @thekatvond lipliner in ROXY 🕶SUNBLOCKERS: @quayaustralia in @kyliejenner HIDDEN HILLS #lemon #shorthair #lipstick
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💖Should i go back to my #pink #hair 👚👛🐽🌸💒🎀💕💗💓💝missing it a lil’ today...
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🙈Get ready for an inspiring CHALLENGE: BLIND GIRL VS. SIGHTED MAKEUP ARTIST - No Mirror Makeup Challenge - LIVE ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL & ☝🏼Link in BIO💥 @mollyburkeofficial is amazing and lost her sight at 14. We did a challenge video on her channel as well! 💕i hope you are so inspired by her and entertained by my sad attempts at makeup without seeing! 👩‍🎤SIDE NOTE: something went wrong and i am more orange than a Cheeto in the video & adding a time limit resulted in me rushing frantically and i wish we just had more time to calmly talk and ask Molly more amazing questions! #New #Makeup #challenge
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When you’re only in NYC long enough to eat one dinner...and you spend it laughing until you cry with your @gla@glammasters besties @makeupbymario & @zannarassi we were missing @lavernecox)...love these guys so much! #GetReady for all 4 of sometimes crying on TV 😂😭😂February 28th on @lifetimetv at 10pm will be the @glammasters premiere!!!#makeup #glammasters #makeupbymario
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💥❤️Life is too short not to live BOLDY. ❤️💥 Wear what you want, Dream Big, don’t live in fear of anyone’s criticism or approval! Every day is your chance to live BIGGER, BOLDER & BRAVER! ❤️ 🖊comment below an area you’d like to LIVE MORE BOLDLY! 💕i was so honored to be a part of @revlon ‘s event today to speak on being bold while doing a live makeup demo....2 things i love...making people look pretty, but making them feel even more AMAZING! #revlon #makeup #LiveBoldy
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7 years ago this Princess was born and she’s the sparkle of joy & sunshine in my heart!💖 #happybirthday #Ellie
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Just call me: Shortie Von Short Hair... #longhair to #shorthair
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🙈i’m gonna be on a tv show with these 3 Glam Master amigos NEXT MONTH!!! 🎉🎉🎉February 28th at 10pm....set your DVR’s!!!! Who else cannot wait!!! @glammasters @lifetimetv @lavernecox @makeupbymario @zannarassi #GlamMasters #Makeup #TV
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🕰#tbt to my 15 or 16 year old, Baby face self that bleached just the strips of hair around my face blonde because i thought it looked awesome. #ThrowbackThursday #hair #diy
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👏🏼🙈😭i am so stinkin’proud!!!! Look at my baby and this article that @voguemagazine just did on him! 🔴Link to article in my IG stories!🔴 ☺️my heart is honored he even mentioned me in the interview❤️He’s been wildly creative since he was small. He’d be on Shoot’s with me drawing at 4 years old, amazing the designers & art directors with his drawings and ideas for everything from clothing, to poses, to his amazing vocabulary and adult ideas! He’s sold his paintings, his modeling career is skyrocketing like we never could’ve dreamed. He’s flying multiple times a week! He just flew back last week from shooting with Nike, flew home packed for Milan then flew right back out, then flew back to LA at night and woke up early for his fitting with Stella McCartney, then he leaves for NY in the next couple days. i am so incredibly proud of my baby...he’s been my sidekick for more than half my life and he’s been my inspiration to keep going in life, even through some of the hardest and darkest times in my life. Oh boy, i better stop writing before i start crying again.😭 Parents: never hold your kids back or discourage them from their unique style, dreams & creativity! Never make fun of them or how they dress...in the moments parents make fun of their kids, they can destroy or ruin their kids individuality and confidence. Encourage them to pursue their passions and go after their dreams! Don’t push them towards things they don’t want to do...just help them do what will make them happy!❤️#vogue #proudmama #prada
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