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If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Jaime, you would have instantly fell in love with her. She will always be remembered because of her bubbly personality, funny nature, and loving spirit. You will always be remembered. #orangeribbonsforjaime 🧡
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For NINE weeks, I’ve been home sick– only leaving the couch to go to the doctor. Now I can finally return to ballet and I am so happy! I tried class last night and it went well! Today, though, I have to rest but I cannot wait to try class again tomorrow. I’ve been sick since September, but I began having severe medical episodes at the beginning of December when I had to stop dancing completely. Trips to the ER, hospital visits, and seeing ten specialists, I was told we needed to rule out a brain tumor along with other terrible diseases. I am so thankful that none of that was the case. While none of my doctors could pinpoint the problem, they all agreed that something was seriously wrong with me. Just by chance after leaving my MRI testing, my mom ran into an old friend who told us about Dr. Vanessa. I am so thankful we found her because she truly SAVED MY LIFE! The top two bones in my neck were going in opposite directions and literally suffocating me. My family and I are so thankful that we found her and that she went into this career path. I appreciate everyone who called to check on me, came to visit, sent gifts, and well wishes! I am finally getting back to what I love and should be better than ever now that I’m healing. A special thank you to my incredible teacher Ms. Zina for always encouraging me that I am going to get healthy enough to return to ballet. I cannot wait to start working again! ✨💖
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The future is yet in your power 💡 throwback to @artbasel
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My studio is having an amazing intensive- there are only a few spots left! Call to sign up 💙
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I don’t leap for the landing, I leap for the experience through the air! ☀️ #throwback
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I had the best time at the Spectrum Miami Art show! Thank you @jordanmatter for inviting me to your opening night preview-party ❤️ @artbasel @spectrummiami
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Don’t let fear dim your light ⭐️
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I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together by good intentions 🖤
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Happy Halloween! 🎃👑@silfidaballetacademy @russianpointebrand
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Ballet training is hard. I mean really, really hard- physically and mentally. There are days of insecurities and self disappointment. Day in and day out trying to perfect the impossible, making unnatural moves look effortless; so spending hours a week in the right pointe shoes is a must! Dancers face so many challenges and finding a pointe shoe that not only fits, but accentuates your lines and supports your foot is a necessity. Wearing my Rubins I feel confident! It brings an ease as I can forget about my feet and just dance. I know that my shoes will get me through class, a performance, or a competition without a second thought. I have loved representing Russian Pointe for the past two years because truly there isn’t another shoe for me. 💜 #russianpointe #RPAmbassador2018 #Florida
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One year ago today, we had our exam at @silfidaballetacademy! We’ve improved so much in just a year! 😳👏🏻 Wearing @russianpointebrand 💜 (In order, me, @kaiyablackk, @brooke_judge10)
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Partnering today ✔️ first full run through 💪🏻 @russianpointebrand
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