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I had the best time at the Spectrum Miami Art show! Thank you @jordanmatter for inviting me to your opening night preview-party ❤️ @artbasel @spectrummiami
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Don’t let fear dim your light ⭐️
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I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together by good intentions 🖤
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Happy Halloween! 🎃👑@silfidaballetacademy @russianpointebrand
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Ballet training is hard. I mean really, really hard- physically and mentally. There are days of insecurities and self disappointment. Day in and day out trying to perfect the impossible, making unnatural moves look effortless; so spending hours a week in the right pointe shoes is a must! Dancers face so many challenges and finding a pointe shoe that not only fits, but accentuates your lines and supports your foot is a necessity. Wearing my Rubins I feel confident! It brings an ease as I can forget about my feet and just dance. I know that my shoes will get me through class, a performance, or a competition without a second thought. I have loved representing Russian Pointe for the past two years because truly there isn’t another shoe for me. 💜 #russianpointe #RPAmbassador2018 #Florida
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One year ago today, we had exam at @silfidaballetacademy! We’ve improved so much in just a year! 😳👏🏻 Wearing @russianpointebrand 💜 (In order, me, @kaiyablackk, @brooke_judge10)
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Partnering today ✔️ first full run through 💪🏻 @russianpointebrand
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I’m glad a day is dedicated to what I dedicate my life to 🌵#worldballetday 🌎 @russianpointebrand
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Throwback to @adcibc 👑 @russianpointebrand
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What is life but one GRAND adventure? 😉
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Sending prayers to everybody in Hurricane Irma's path. Hold on- we can all get through this together 🙏🏻 #evacuatingtomorrow #hurricaneirma
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Be a cactus in a world full of delicate flowers 🌵@russianpointebrand
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