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Stunning @kluermoi 😍😍Festival Liquid Lipstick
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Obsessed with the Empress Collection . Lip combo is a mix of Madame Matte and hint of Madame Metallic. Photo @brandonlundby Model @queennyakimofficial MUA @makeupari_ 😍😍😍. Can’t wait to share all the Campaign Photos . Eye shadow is the Masquerade Palette
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Festival Collection
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😍 @cocoaswatches ・・・ Ooh la la, @juviasplace Blush palette vol 2 is just as pretty as Vol 1 .The Color Story is a bit lighter than its older sis but still gorge 😍 TAU is calling my name! Who’s got this palette?
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The Nubian Palette in Action by @asi@asiath3mua. Soft. Beautiful. Flawless ・・・ Model: @ladybabyi Photog: @j_alexphotos MUA: @asiath3mua
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Thank you @hotfire.makeup for the Review ・・・ 🔥SWATCHES🔥 of @juviasplace Festival Collection Liquid Lipsticks which are AVAILABLE NOW on their website! They are sold as a set of two for $18 or with the Festival Eyeshadow by Juvia’s Palette for $35. . . Now onto the shades and formula. It features two shades named, Dudu, a unique blackened brown, and Soil, an orange terracotta like the Earth’s clay. The Liquid Lipsticks are a new product for the brand and they nailed it. The formula is comfortable and long-wearing and doesn’t flake or crack. And what I have to say about Dudu is that it’s opaque! This to me was going to be the true test and it’s bold for Juvia’s to start with a dark color like this as they can be streaky, but this IS NOT the case with this shade. It can be applied in one swipe with enough pigmentation to cover the lips. And because it’s a blackened brown, it has a warm undertone which I’m happy about because it can be flattering on everyone unlike a black with a cool undertone. Soil is a shade that I just love. I think any type of terracotta shade has become my new nude. I’m growing more and more in love with this color. I definitely can’t wait to see what other Liquid Lipsticks that Juvia’s releases. . If you only want to purchase the Festival Palette, it is $17.50.
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Obsessed with our brushes . 😍😍Shop Now➡️www.juviasplace.com
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Damn!! Skills @angel_cumberbatch 😍😍
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The Festival Eyeshadow Palette 😍. Pigmentation on Point✔️. Price $17.50✔️. Vibrant ✔️. Shop : www.juviasplace.com
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Her color is on point 😍. Makeup is stunning @thatgirldami Masquerade Palette
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@makeupbytiani ・・・ @juv@juviasplace 💗 - - PRODUCTS: @juviasplace Magic Pallet
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Douce Eyeshadow Palette
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@rachelllmurray ・・・ • 🌹🌹🌹 • @juviasplace Masquerade Palette
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Festival Eyeshadow Palette. Stock is Flying off the website . 😱😱. Price $17.50.
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Festival Eyeshadow Palette 😍.
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The Festival Collection (Eyeshadow Palette + 2 Liquid Lipsticks) is now Live on the website. Liquid Lips can be bought as a set or individually 😍. Where to Shop ➡️www.juviasplace.com .
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@babsbeauty_ ・・・ Bronzer, blush, & highlight is @juviasplace Saharan Vol II Blush Palette - use code BABSBEAUTY
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We re freaking out 😱😱and so excited . Thank you @huffpost and thank you Julia Brucculieri @lisaalamode for believing in the brand . https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5a7dc724e4b044b3821ccafb?section=us_black-voices
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Festival Eyeshadow Palette 😍😍. Happy Valentines Day 💕💕
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Newness coming to Juvia’s Place. . Price $35 😍😍
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Saharan Blush Volume ll . #Repost @indiemakeup4coloredgirls ・・・ Valentine's is all about blushing, 😍. The @juviasplace Saharan II Blush Palette is one of my favs.
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Slaying our lives. . @princessbellaaa . Saharan Eyeshadow Palette
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Saharan Palette ☺️. @thebrowngirlswatches ・・・ My very first @juviasplace palette, THE SAHARAN 😍. This baby is so gorgeous. Stunning and versatile. I love it 😭. What’s your first or favorite #Juvias Place palette
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