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Watch it for free on @blackpillsus Application ! "THE CLICHY-MONTFERMEIL CHRONICLES" @ladjly
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In the city of Angels ❤️ @agnes.varda #AngelinaJolie “FACES PLACES” in theatre now in the US
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SATURDAY ✌🏻 📷 @guyoseary
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Love this animation 🙏🏻 @serial_looper
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Agnes is up in L.A on 3760 motor avenue ! 📷 @chopemdownfilms ✌🏻🙏🏻 @chrismilk for the wall ! @within
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A noble 🐐 and some 🐠 fooling around @blumandpoe gallery in Los Angeles - ✌🏻 with @agnes.varda ! Go visit it s up for 2 weeks !
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PICNIC AT THE BORDER - Video by @chopemdownfilms
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Thank you baby Kikito ... looking forward to the day we can talk about this amazing adventure together ✌🏻
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@agnes.varda ! Your toes are up in Los Angeles ✌🏻 @blumandpoe
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Thanks to all the daydreamers that joined us yesterday 🙏 #PicNicAtTheBorder 📷 @marc
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For the last 10 years, I have been working in conflict zone, jails, borders and I always found an « angel » that helped us make the impossible possible ... The picnic today was clearly forbidden, and yet it was not shut down. It’s always worth trying 👁 📷 Roberto De Angelis & Tea by @miamaestro
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