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Parisian activities: people watching avec ☕️ #thelimitdoesnotexisttxparis
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Loved celebrating the launch of the new @MuglerOfficial fragrance AURA last night with this epic view of NYC #AuraMugler #MakeItBeat #ad
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Rain or shine - oh, how I’ve missed you jacket weather #thelimitdoesnotexisttxparis
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Never depend on others to fulfill your expectations, for everyone else has their own vision of decency. If you want things done right, take matters into your own hands. 💭#thelimitdoesnotexisttxparis
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Time is an illusion, so let’s have breakfast all day 🥞🥖🥐#thelimitdoesnotexisttxparis
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Cotton candy for breakfast 🍬 #thelimitdoesnotexisttxparis
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Morning Paris, where’s the coffee? 🖤#thelimitdoesnotexisttxparis
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Life can be the sunshine, On peaceful days with bright blue skies, Or life can be raindrops, That fall like tears, Life can be the heaven, That you’ll only reach through hell, Since you won’t know that you’re happy, If you’ve not been sad as well, Life can be hard lessons, But you’ll be wiser once you know, That even roses need both sunshine, And a touch of rain to grow.
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Above the clouds 🕊#thelimitdoesnotexisttxcapetown
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The smell of fresh rain 💧🌧🙏🏼
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