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The Maharaja's new workout spot in NY #Repost @tapout ・・・ Need a new gym? Find your nearest Tapout Fitness gym! @wwe Champion @jindermahal stopped by the @tapoutfitnessnyc32 location and now you're next!
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Maharaja Treatment at Mission Hills before #WWEShenzhen
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Feast only fit for The Maharaja w/ The Singh Brothers. #WWEOsaka @harvsihra_wwe @gurvsihra_wwe
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The #ModernDayMaharaja and YOUR #WWEChampion with @ufc Featherweight Champion @blessedmma at #wwehonolulu
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#HIAC ... The Next Challenger , The Next Successful Defence ... #ForeverChampion
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#SDLive Maharaja Time .. @wwe
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Big congratulations going out to @theonearjansinghbhullar for his successful UFC debut. He also made history as the first South Asian to fight for UFC... Unfortunately I wasn't there to be in Arjans corner, being in Tampa Fl with Hurricane Irma coming, there was no possible way to make it to Edmonton in time for the fight... The good news is, thanks to @WWE travel I am now safely out of Florida... #7-0 #1billionstrong
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Come at me Irma ... but in all seriousness everyone stay safe.
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Some clips from today's shoulder/core/conditioning workout. Was guilty of making some poor food choices last night, luckily I was held accountable by @chriscavallini and had to pay the price. #fitness #bodybuilding #wwe #moderndaymaharaja #wwechampion @nutritionsolutions #crunchfitness
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Orton or Nakamura??? Does it really matter #ModernDayMaharaja #HIAC
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My first WWE Match was in Ceder Falls IA, now I am The Maharaja and WWE Champion.. #ForceTheResult #Repost @wwe ・・・ In 2011 @jindermahal was in the opening match of #WWECedarFalls in a #BattleRoyal. Tonight, he defeated @randyorton to defend his #WWETitle in a #LastManStandingMatch with @harvsihra_wwe and @gurvsihra_wwe by his side.
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The Superfood Bowl from @nut@nutritionsolutions has me feeling like a Super Hero... More than just dieting, it's a lifestyle.. Take the guess work, and actual work out of nutrition and meal prep. @nutritionsolutions
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