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Shy ☺️ Thank you @nickylazou for my amazing hair today!
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Bounce in Barbie-rry @burberry 💘💁🏻‍♀️ Thank you @eloan_anquez for this incredible shot!
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A quieter last day in London, ordering room service for 1 this time 🦁 @wellesleylondon
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Had an amazing time at the @BritishVogue party tonight celebrating fashion and film 🎥 Wearing @MaisonValentino Special thanks to my @carolesabbagha
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Feeling cosy tonight ☺️❄️
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I got a thing for nerds ❤️💙💚💛🧡💜 @burberry #LastNight #oneLOVE
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Trench n’ roses 🇬🇧🧥@burberry @gibsterg
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Getting ready earlier tonight for dinner with @Burberry and a watchful @gibsterg 🇬🇧 الليلة قبل عشاء مميّز مع بربري في لندن
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My heart goes out to all the victims in the Florida school shooting. It’s devastating that young lives are stripped away and families forever shattered. I would like to say something regarding the rampant gun violence I have constantly seen and read about in the US. Having just visited New York and travelling often to the US, a country that I love, I admit that I am sometimes concerned with the prevalence of guns. It’s an issue I feel the need to speak out on firstly because I want to advocate for child safety and protection, and secondly as I’ve personally almost had a fatal experience with guns in Lebanon, another country where laws are lax. One could argue that a number of factors contributed to this mass murder - the fact that the shooter was an orphan, mental health issues etc. But it was in fact, the easy access of a firearm, the continuous national debate about the second amendment and the glorification of violence in popular media, placing the US (amongst other countries) on top of the homicide list. After the UK had a mass shooting in 1987, the country implemented strict gun laws. Australia followed in 1996. So I ask my followers not just the US but other countries like Lebanon, Yemen and Serbia, where the number of firearms per capita is high, to urge lawmakers to strengthen laws that are lax - laws that will ban young people and those with mental health access to weapons. Someone once told me that if you have a gun and pull it out, you’re ready to kill. Drop it and choose the will to live. #PEACE & #LOVE always 🌹
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Thank you for showing us how to have fun with fashion ♥️ You’re a genius @michaelkors #AllAccessKors #NYFW
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The colour of all things loving and passionate... You guys can shop my @MichaelKors look from the show now! Link is in instastories and my bio 🌹♥️ #AllaccessKors #NYFW #Ad
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Michael Kors hosting the funnest Valentine’s fashion show ♥️ #AllaccessKors #NYFW
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