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When in Ma-rrrrrrrr-akech 🐆🇲🇦♥️ @hermes #Morocco #Marrakech
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Thank you for hosting me in Morocco @Hermes 🇲🇦 Wearing @marni from @themodist in one of my favourite colours that was just announced as the 2018 colour of the year by @pantone - #UltraViolet 💜 #COY2018
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Blurred mornings. 5AM wake up call and straight on a flight ☁️✈️ @emirates
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I haven't been silent about the recent developments despite all your messages to me, but I have been speechless. This is how I feel about recent events surrounding Jerusalem from a legal and human rights perspective. And most importantly, as a human being... 1. Trump’s announcement leads to further marginalization and discrimination against the Palestinian people. 2. After the Six Day War of June 1967 (when Israel captured much of historic Palestine), the U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 242, calling on Israel to withdraw from “from territories occupied in the recent conflict.” 3. Despite #2, Israel has moved an estimated 208,000 Jewish settlers into East Jerusalem over the past 50 years, a gross violation of international human rights law. It has also been quietly removing Palestinian residents from East Jerusalem. Since 1967, the residency permits of nearly 15,000 Palestinians living in the city have been revoked. 4. Palestinians still living under Israeli occupation consistently suffer regular human rights violations. As documented by many international organizations, Palestinians are detained without trial, denied access to water, deprived of adequate schooling and displaced through home demolitions. 5. Jerusalem is not only recognised but is considered sacred in most major religions. This war-driven anti-diplomacy strategy of the Trump administration not only insults this fact but is the precursor to all chaos, instability and war in the region. 6. This post only calls for peace, love, understanding amongst all people - my Jewish friends, my Palestinian friends, everyone of all backgrounds and religions. May your lives and homes always be protected and never in a position to flee your land.
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Still dreaming of it all... 🦄💎 Last night, we celebrated cinema, a universal language transcending all barriers, fostering communication and understanding. We also celebrated women and those who are making a difference in this art. May we continue to close the gender gap not only in this field but worldwide in all aspects of life 💗 #IWCxDIFF #LastPhotoIPromise #Maybe
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You snooze you lose 😏⏳😂 Such a fun video booth at the event last night 👱🏼👨🏻 #IWCxDIFF #ForTheLoveOfCinema @iwcwatchesarabia
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For the love of cinema 🎞 #Moments
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I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful dress to end this incredible year with my @iwcwatches family. Thank you, thank you @ViktorAndRolf 💗🦄🎀 #ForTheLoveOfCinema #IWCxDIFF
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When I look at you ☺️🍓 A liquid red dress calls for futuristic metallic eyeshadow and a slick bun inspired from @ralphlauren's show in his garage 🏎 #IWCxDIFF #ForTheLoveOfCinema
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It was a date with Cate. What an honour to walk the red carpet with my fellow Aussie ✨#CateBlanchett #ForTheLoveOfCinema #DIFFxIWC
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We're late for Cate! #DIFFxIWC #ForTheLoveOfCinema
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