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A small break in the storm as wild weather rolls in & lashes the coastline, deep winter in Southeast Iceland.
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There is something special about fall in the Dolomites...
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Classic scenes on the road in NZ...
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Sunrise brings a little respite after a cold night spent in the arctic circle..
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Mid starring contest with a South American Guanaco..pretty sure I blinked first. Anyone care to name him/her?
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Full moon & cloud inversion incoming. Classic scenes from a night spent in the New Zealand alpine..Who would you stay here with?
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Snowmelt waterfalls between the clouds..
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Cloud control. Somewhere high up in Fiordland..
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Weather inbound, on the trail in Patagonia.
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Left or right, take your pick. Summer mornings canoe camping in Alberta..
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Light & shadows on the high meadow..
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Cutting a few laps out on the lake to start the weekend..
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