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Friends visiting the shop today .
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Proud of my oldest daughter and her first job !
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This picture of a picture frame that I received for Christmas is one of the best a dad could ever ask for . Yes I’m sharing on social media because I consider everyone on here family and or a good friend.
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Here is a few more pics of my off-roading daughter and a testament to how safe the polaris ACE has been for her to learn even when she flipped it . She was laughing when I was having a extreme moment and fearing the worse . She said it felt like she was on a roller coaster .
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The ace is one of the best machines that I ever purchased for my daughter to learn on.
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My kids gave me an early Christmas gift when I got home tonight. They know me too well I'm guessing.
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Sludge in the crankcase and oil pump along with water jackets clogged up with junk was the recipe for destruction ! Complete rebuild going back together . Get ready for a V13R with a attitude . @campagnamotors @sli@slingkingz_reg @slingkingz @sxsmods @slingmods @gtav_skit_boyz_youtube
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After picking this beast from underground audio in Florida. We install exhaust, windshield and custom wiper , 32 inch tires , front bumper , winch , various accessories inside the cab , rear cage extension , spare tire , rear bumper , A arm guards , relocate stereo head unit , installed a new 1300 amp lithium battery that's half the size of a car battery , rock sliders , fender flares , tuner and clutch kit . @tableboyz @x3outlaws @undergroundauto @gtav_skit_boyz_youtube @canam @x3daily @justinratliff50 time for this baby to go home tomorrow and a few other surprises that I'm not going to mention . Just in time for Christmas!
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Ok , after several months of working on this V13R . She is going back together , the engine self destructed and had to basically overhaul the whole engine and clean every single crack and crevice , had to send the heads off , new sleeves , pistons , bearings , various bolts .Better than new is our goal with a few bolt on goodies . Can't wait to get this back to its owner . It's go time with spring right around the corner . #slingkingz
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SStakeover Orlando 2017
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Take a real close look at what 3 solid weeks of hard work has provided.
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