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Me at my chubbiest.😇 I’m working hard and diligently on my diet and of course I’m struggling. The struggle is going to make it worth it when I come through on top. ♡♡♡ But something I have to continue to remind myself is... ♡♡♡ Would I rather be having depressive episodes and panic attacks on the regular? ♡♡♡ Or would I rather be HAPPY and a few pounds overweight?♡♡♡ I’d do anything to fight for my happiness and I’m so grateful for all the growth I’ve been going through. ♡♡♡ Shout out to all my loves who have gained weight from medication. It’s hard and it’s a bitch but it’s something we can totally overcome with self-love, patience and self-acceptance. ☺️🙌🏻💜💗
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LOSS. ♡♡♡ I’d like to say that my heart is fully healed. I’d like to say that my heart invested less than it did in a situation that was toxic for me. But that’s not how it works. ♡♡♡ With matters of the heart it’s tough. Memories haunt you and you mourn the loss of a person that was in your life that isn’t anymore. ♡♡♡ For me it’s been a year but I’m still pretty wrecked and torn apart. Most people would tell me to just get over it by now. ♡♡♡ Again, no one gets to tell you how fast to heal. No one gets to dictate how much of your heart you invest in someone else. ♡♡♡ I need more time to heal my heart and I’m not ashamed. It took a tumble and it’s strong as hell from all the pain and turmoil it’s been put through. 💚💪🏻💚
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Edited vs Un-edited. ♡♡♡ The first photo was a filter from VSCO Cam on it. It has some increased saturation and blue tint to it. It also has the chromatic effect layered over that from FaceTune and I used the details tool to go over my eyes a little bit. ♡♡♡ The second photo is taken in front of a large window with just natural sunlight. No filter. But I am wearing a good amount of make-up. ♡♡♡ It’s so easy to make yourself look better and not human like. There’s apps out there for nearly everything. I edit my photos because I am in love with bright and intense colors and I want me feed to look cohesive. It’s also a representation of how I wish the world looked like and it’s my fantastical escape from reality. ♡♡♡ Just a reminder that you don’t need filters and editing to be beautiful. You don’t have to compete with perfection. How you are is stunning as is. ♡♡♡ If you use filters and edit your photos, you’re worthy. If you don’t you’re worthy as well. There’s no right or wrong. I just personally want to show everyone what went into the edits of my photo and I want people who visit my feed to know that I don’t naturally look like that so they don’t compare themselves to me. 💙💪🏻💜✨
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So ironic that all the lone wolves are part of the same pack. 🐺 Being alone is so much less lonely when you’re alone together. // {photo via: @rupikaur_}
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02.19.2018 ♡♡♡ “If we can stop comparing ourselves to others and realize that there is enough room in this world for different types of people to exist and thrive, we can find inner peace and self-acceptance.” ♡♡♡ New outfit post up on the blog today! Rocking this absolutely incredible and cozy jumpsuit. ♡♡♡ Sending a message to all the lone wolves out there who may feel lonely. ♡♡♡ I’m also talking about how much value there is in being able to thrive alone and how we should never shame ourselves for it, even if it means standing out from the crowd. ♡♡♡ YOU ARE NOT ALONE. ♡♡♡ More photos and outfit details on ❤️🐺🐺❤️ (Link in story) ♡♡♡ ***Photo is edited with a filter on VSCO Cam. Photo was taken with a HQ Camera with the airbrush option enabled.
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OMG Pisces season, can you not? I am all of the feels already!!! ♡♡♡ I had a pretty emotional night where I felt really depressed over something from my past. ♡♡♡ Everyone always says to just let it go but why is it so hard? Even when you have the intention to? ♡♡♡ Healing isn’t linear. You may feel fine for days or months and then something can trigger you that makes you feel like you hit rock bottom. ♡♡♡ Just sending out a reminder tonight that no one has the right to tell you how fast you should be healing. No one has to right to say your feelings aren’t justified or that they’re invalid. Emotions are power. 💗💪🏻✨// {photo via: @themightysite}
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Hey love bugs! Happy Sunday! ♡♡♡ Just wanted to express my gratitude over how many of your reached out or commented with super kind words and support. I am so touched and proud of the loving community on here. I love you guys. ♡♡♡ I’m feeling very excited and not just because I’m caffeinated and got more than enough sleep last night. 😏👍🏻✨ ♡♡♡ I’m working so hard to get my YouTube channel up for y’all. Exciting things coming soon. Can’t wait to connect with you guys through that medium. ♡♡♡ Hope everyone has a lovely day and long weekend. 💗💚💗 ♡♡♡ ***This photo is taken from one of my walks through Marina Del Rey. Photo is edited with the Geló App, Image Blender App, Mextures App and VSCO Cam App.
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This photo is a big deal for me. ♡♡♡ I’ve been struggling so much with loving my appearance. I’m struggling to lose the 20 pounds that I’ve gained. I’ve felt so ashamed that I can’t fit into my clothes and it’s made me feel ugly. ♡♡♡ I felt depressed and stopped putting effort into styling my hair and looking stylish with my outfits. ♡♡♡ Today, I was able to have fun again and express myself. To dress up and smile and play. I was able to accept my love and love myself for taking the steps to living a healthier life. ♡♡♡ Maybe I’m not where I’m at right now but I am so happy that I’m on the path to work hard and get results. Now just to embrace being patient. ☺️💪🏻💜✨ ♡♡♡ ***This selfie is edited. A filter added in VSCO Cam, eyes are detailed and chromatic filter is used from Facetune. Just wanted to let you know that I DIDN’T in fact wake up like this. 😉👍🏻
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I am proud of myself. ♡♡♡ I don’t say that enough. ♡♡♡ This week I’ve been more self-sufficient and self-reliant. I’ve been making healthy lifestyle changes. I’ve been dedicated to living an even more disciplined life. ♡♡♡ I am trying my hardest and that certainly counts for something even if I might not see immediate results. ♡♡♡ Progress, patience and perseverance. 🌴💗💙💚
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🌹🍓2.14.2018💗❤️ ♡♡♡ “I’m a strong and independent lady. I’m happy in my own company and I thrive while being alone. I don’t need a man or a romantic relationship to be happy.” ❤️💪🏻💗 ♡♡♡ Super sassy new post up on the blog today! Sharing and not holding back all my feelings about being single on Valentine’s Day in addition to a brand new outfit post featuring some serious self-love. 💗💄💋 ♡♡♡ This year (and every year) I will continue to be my own f*cking Valentine and I’m not sorry about it! 🌹😘❤️ ♡♡♡ More photos and outfit details up on 💗🌹🌹💗 (Link in story)✨
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For all my single ladies who are stressing or tripping about tomorrow...just sending out a reminder. You don’t need a King to be a QUEEN! 👑💜💗// {photo via: @r.h.sin
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Hi bbs! No new blog post today because I’m saving something special for Wednesday this week! Today it’s just me and some rockin hair by @_jenna_locke. ♡♡♡ Also rockin my signature rash. I’m a hypersensitive person so I get so overstimulated with not only emotion but also chemicals, products, and scents and such. ♡♡♡ I’m not on Instagram or social media to try to pretend that I’m perfect or airbrushed, though if I’m being honest, at one point in time I did. ♡♡♡ Now I’m on here to just share who I am unapologetically. It’s ok if your skin isn’t perfect. It’s ok if you have a skin condition like me. You can still be beautiful and a great person. You can also still rock some amazing hair too! 😏💜💇‍♀️❤️✨
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