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Someone please take me back to Kauai it’s way too cold in New York #nature
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Open heart ♥️ #missit
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Cheers to the time my feet were so dirty from hiking that I couldn’t even touch my toe 😂 How beautiful is this tree tho? #wildlife
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I only need two things to be happy! Sand and Sun 🏖
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Miss you girls so much ♥️ #yogaretreat
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My happy place 😍
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I am so happy I met this beautiful soul! @neyu_ma you are an angel! ♥️ #newfriends
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I can’t get over how beautiful this place is #fullmoon
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I️ can’t believe I️ hiked 13 miles barefoot! That’s what happens when you listen to crazy @neyu_ma I️t was so much fun but maybe next time I️ will wear sneakers 😂 #hawaii
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I️ am having such a blast at my YTT with @dashamalove I️ met amazing people and I️ am learning so much! #hawaii
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Grateful 🙏 #hawaii
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After flying 30 hours in two days I️ finally made it to my happy place! I️ am so blessed to be here with 13 goddesses doing my yoga teacher training #hawaii
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