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Iloɴα Izαвellα Small girl on high heels Based in Amsterdam Member of @igersamsterdam Contact:
Amsterdam vibes • How are you enjoying your Sunday?
479 12 2d
Nope, kut weer dus ik verveel me de pleurus (zo dat is gezegd 😆)
So tight! And the rest of your work is great too!
Floating • Thank you for all the positive comments and blessings for the birth of our son. I won't be able to respond to all the comments, but please know I really appreciate the love. I haven't been able to stroll around the city and snap some new shots for a while, so here's an Amsterdam latergram for you. Unfortunately most of the yellow leaves are gone by now.
510 12 4d
Hey! Ah.. Need to discuss that with the ladies😉 Is it dry on sunday afternoon?
@dutchie ☝🏻️
Miracles 👶🏻 • Last week on November 17th our lovely son Kai was born. I feel truly blessed to finally have him in our lives. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but as you might have guessed I had other priorities. Thank you to everyone who has had the patience to stick around my page, thank you for all the love and support. ❤️ 📷 (and 50% baby) by @dutchie
443 60 1 1w
Gefeliciteerd met jullie zoon, prachtige foto! @dutchie @ilonaizabella
Congratulations both ☺️
Good morning ☕️ • Thank you for all the wishes and lovely words. I really appreciate it and wish you all a lovely Monday!
479 35 2w
Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie zoon. Geniet van jullie kleine man! Voor je het weet, staan ze naast je bed.. 😁
Van harte gefeliciteerd! Heel veel geluk en liefde ❤️
Waiting • Sorry for being a little less active on IG lately. I'm currently in the hospital, waiting for the baby to arrive. Can be any day now, can be next week... Let's have a little baby pool. What date do you think the baby will arrive? 👶🏼 (Ps. My official due date is November 28)
582 42 2w
Sterkte en wens je/jullie een voorspoedige bevalling!
Succes in t ziekenhuis!! Doe rustig aan, ik hoop voor jou dat jullie babyboy eerder komt dan 28 nov... 😘
Celebrate • Happy Birthday to my lovely man @dutchie! ❤️🍰🍂
757 32 3w
Prachtige kleuren👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Lovely weekend ahead • What are you up to this weekend?
674 26 3w
@nwac Helaas niet, ik mag niet zo veel meer doen van m'n verloskundige. M'n bloeddruk is te hoog en ik moet nu rustig aan doen tot de baby er is. 😅👶🏼
@frankon_5 Sounds like you had great fun! 👍🏼😊🔥
Love Me • Ever since I saw this, this has been one of my favourite spots in Amsterdam. What is your favourite spot or place in Amsterdam?
546 30 3w
@ilonaizabella hope so. 😊😊😊
Your feed has a great color palette :)
Above Amsterdam • Good morning!
501 21 3w
@amusemymuse Yep, that's a rooftop indeed. 😉
@carla_dipinto Hi! I'll answer you in a bit. ☺️
Golden Amsterdam • I'm lucky that I can call this my home town. Where are you from?
671 49 3w
@alessandro_carpentiero That's a deal! 👌🏼☺️
Argentina. I loved Amsterdam!!! Looking forward to go back
Thank you • For all the kind words and lovely wishes yesterday. Enjoy your day!
886 49 3w
@golden2dew It is! I love it when the sun is out and the leafs turn yellow.
@ilonaizabella voor het geval ik het ga missen ben ik er weer eens met de kerst 😉 nu belangrijker... Gefeliciteerd! 👶🏻👍🏻
Expecting • In less than four weeks Dennis and I will welcome our little baby boy. A new chapter in our lives is about to start. 💙 📷 by @alyssavanheyst
359 106 2 1 month ago
Jullie zijn Prachtig 😍😍 @dutchie
Contemplation • A tiny forgotten church, a place of tranquility and contemplation. This is my kind of #WHPmyoasis.
536 24 8/29/2015
Пpивeт!)) Пpиглaшaю тeбя в Tiffany-э кapaокe - стильноe мeсто для отдыхa и тeх, кто обожaeт пeть) Мы откpыты для тeбя кaждый дeнь с 21:00! Нaш тeлeфон: +74956459952. A нaйти нaс всeгдa можно по aдpeсy yл. Pочдeльскaя, 15/25)
Пpивeт!)) Пpиглашаю тeбя в Tiffany-э каpаокe - стильноe мeсто для отдыха и тeх, кто обожаeт пeть) Мы откpыты для тeбя каждый дeнь с 21:00! Наш тeлeфон: +74956459952. A найти нас всeгда можно по адpeсу ул. Pочдeльская, 15/25)
Apologies • I want to apologize for not being very active the last few months here on Instagram. The pregnancy is going well, the baby is doing fine, but me.. not so much. I'm often very tired, feeling sick and uninspired. But I hope to be back real soon. Thanks for sticking with me. I really appreciate your love and friendship. 🙏🏼
306 39 8/28/2015
Hoop dat je je snel weer beter voelt! 💪
Always got your back Ilo, no apologies required!
Charged • Thanks to @boostpak I was able to shoot all day, without my phone battery dying on me. #boostpak #sponsored #igersamsterdam
347 28 2 8/28/2015
@fitgirlchris Oh sorry, ja! Ik zal morgen een paar sturen. Werd net al geconfronteerd met een opmerking van Dennis "babies eat brains", dat zal het zijn. 😅😘
Dit is zoo leuk 😋
Almost three years ago we met on @instagram and now @dutchie and I are having a baby! ☺️ DUE NOVEMBER 28 💕 #pregnant #babyonboard #instacouple #instababy And... for all those who don't have one yet, but would also like a Daniel Wellington watch, you can now order one with a 15% discount, using the code "ilonaizabella" - valid until August 15th. #DanielWellington @danielwellingtonwatches
377 92 4 7/18/2015
@maame_agyemang_prempeh @ajoke207 @keshia_baxtor
😂❤️ @kymanismumstillstill
Totally had it | #urbex
286 10 7/3/2015
Tijd voor een nieuwe auto 😏
That shot everybody already has, but I'm so glad I have it too now. It was great I finally got the chance to explore Philly w/ @dutchie and @flint_photo and then also run into @sloppystick and @rita_josephine. Nice to finally meet you! | #urbex #Philly #Philadelphia
610 38 5/9/2015
Eastern State Penitentiary
Isn't that place amazing??!
Collect moments. Had a lovely day in the forest w/ these men. Thanks @tristanbogaard for being such a good host! | #intotheforest_instameet
272 28 3 4/5/2015
Berger bos
Nee geen Hooglanders tegengekomen. Helaas 😔
And suddenly it feels like spring 🌸 | #igersamsterdam
490 22 3/31/2015
Park Frankendael