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Seoul mates! Sweden + Korea Young Design Week is in full swing. Today, this three-part exhibition featuring fantastic young designers from Korea and Sweden as well as an exhibition full of prototypes and products made using the IKEA principles of Democratic Design opens to the public. See pictures from the first design talk, the official inauguration and the party feat. Teenage Engineering. If you're in Seoul, do not miss it!
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”Together with Sonos we want to democratise music and sound in the home.” Says Björn Block, Business leader at IKEA Home Smart. The new collaboration with @sonos will be launched during 2019. Share your thoughts on #IKEAxSonos!
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A new collaboration will be announced tomorrow 2017.12.06 at 15:00 CET. You don’t want to miss this! #ikeatoday #upcomingcollaboration
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We got our hands on 50 copies of the ”Virgil Abloh x IKEA” edition of the System magazine. Instead of keeping it at the IKEA office in Älmhult we want to share it with you. Write a comment about what you are most excited about in the IKEA x Virgil collaboration and the 50 first commenters will receive their very own copy in the mail. #ikeatoday #ikeaxvirgil #ikeaxvirgilabloh #collaboration #design
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“Big cities and no space, that’s a common theme worldwide. Then you need to find creative ways of utilizing the unused space. On one rooftop in Ginza a 11th floor space is buzzing with life all year round, thanks to the Ginza Honey Bee project. Volunteers look after the beehives and in the summer the bee colonies grow up to 13 hives and the volunteers can harvest up to 30kg of honey every year. Bees are thriving in urban environments thanks to the abundance of the flora seasonal resources, no chemicals and very little natural predators. We had the privilege to taste Sakura honey - cheery blossom. Projects like the Ginza Honey Bee show that cities are evolving towards an awareness of the natural surrounding environment.” #ikeatoday #lifeathome #productdevelopment
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“Hej! My name is Siri and I’m working as a freelance designer at IKEA. We are currently working on a collection where we are curious about space. This curiosity has brought us to Tokyo where we firsthand will experience the true meaning of urban small space living. For a couple of days we are living in a capsule hotel to learn about how much space you need to call a place home. Check out the following images were you can see where I’m sleeping tonight, and make sure to follow our story the next couple of days. #ikeatoday #productdevelopment #lifeathome #design #research
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Do you want to know how IKEA will take on the off the grid challenge together with @wireduk? Read more on the blog, link in bio. #ikeatoday #productdevelopment #offthegrid #workshops
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Do you want to know what happened when Virgil Abloh went to Älmhult to work on the upcoming IKEA collection? Check it out on the blog, link in bio.
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IKEA design team are working on the factory floor with the upcoming collection TÄNKVÄRD. This collection is about finding place for the natural, earthy and relaxed lifestyle in the home. TÄNKVÄRD will be in store during 2019. #ikeatoday #design #productdevelopment #TÄNKVÄRD
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Assemble it. Pickle it. Eat it. At the IKEA Food Lab during Wired Live the visitors could try out the new way of pickling food. By vacuuming the veggies in the bag they are instantly pickled in only 30 seconds. Different herbs and sauces can be added to complete the tasty vac snack! Now the veggies are preserved for several months or even years (when stored in a cool place). A great way to reduce food waste in the future. @ikeafoodservices #ikeatoday #ikeafood #ikeafoodlab #wiredlive
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Today, more than one billion people lack access to electricity and the lack of accessibility to common water and communications grid brings the number even higher. Together with WIRED UK and their extensive network of creatives IKEA will embark on the exploration of independent off the grid solutions that will allow more people to be less dependent on existing systems. For the coming year work sessions will take place in order to find solutions together and to activate the collective brain ending in a collection that will be released in 2019.
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To explore and learn new things is the way forward at IKEA. Tune in tomorrow at 11am CET to hear about a new upcoming collaboration! Can you guess with who?
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