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Found this gem 😂 this was about a 9 year transformation from when I first started lifting weights at age 18. Top left I was about 155lbs and 185lbs on the bottom right. This is a slow progression in today’s standards where guys try and gain 50+ pounds in less than a year. Can it be done? Sure it can. There are genetic freaks out there that are hyper responders. Unfortunately when it comes to weight gain I am not. It’s been a fun journey thus far with more improvements to be made 😎 #TransformationTuesday
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#MotivationMonday Each day getting closer to beating this look 💪🏼 #ArnoldClassicPrep2018
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It’s too bad @pastor_pump video quality gets diminished when he sends me our training clips 😂 damn Samsung’s 🤦🏻‍♂️ giving it my everything these last 7 weeks. Weight went down another 2 pounds so I get to refeed tomorrow 😎 #ArnoldClassic2018 #InauguralClassicPhysiqueClass
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If you are an NPC athlete competing this year, you should take advantage of the opportunity to come to this NPC workshop that @flexappealmiami is holding tomorrow at 1pm. I will be present going over the Classic Physique division and posing. See you there 😎 #npcworkshop #posewiththepros
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#Throwback Night before the Karina Pro show last year. Working on keeping that tight waist going into the Arnold 😎 #WaistTaperMadeWaist #tbt
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Another week of pulling weight. Hammies were way too sore from leg day to push my usual weight so we concentrated on squeezing at the top. More detail than last week all throughout the back 😎 @pastor_pump #RoadToArnold
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That intra workout stack in full effect for back day 💪🏼 7 weeks to go! @muscletech #teammuscletech #muscletech #arnoldclassic
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Who knows where this road is supposed to lead We got nothing but time As long as you're right here next to me, everything's gonna be alright 😘😘😘 #wcw #wce
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I started phasing out online training so that I can focus on other business ventures but it seems like I continue to get inquires about programs and contest prep. What I’m going to do is open up 10 spots for serious clients that want to learn and take their physiques to the next level. Please DM me if you’re interested. #ContestPrep #MealPlan #TrainingPrograms
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Weekend load did the body good. Only went up 2 pounds. Full. Round. Bubbly and I can feel every rep and contraction. Good mood all day and 1.5 hours of cardio down the hatch. 7.5 weeks more to grind. @pastor_pump @johnny_d_casalena @muscletech #RoadToArnoldCPD #TeamMuscletech
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Few more weeks to beat this gnarly look 😎 #PumpedAF
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Hands down one of my favorite @muscletech products. This is the #AminoBuild #Energized. What makes these Aminos unique is that it has a nice little caffeine kick. For someone that’s not a stimulant junky but needs that “pick me up”, this is the product for you 😎 find it at your nearest @vitaminshoppe #TeamMuscletech #Muscletech #AminoAcids #Sponsored
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