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Happy birthday ammy, May all your wishes come true
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No phone, no computer, no camera and I have no money to buy any of these things right now. Putting my own needs aside. This is freelance life, friends it's selling yourself short and it's emails and missing delivery dates day in day out and it's not easy. But I know that one day it will be worth it. Here's to this new year, I promise myself that I'll be in a better place financially and that I'll have my phone,computer and Camera and that the blood sweat and tears will be worth it聽 tenfold UNABEMBEA OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO DROPPING SOON @fama_tz @ammy_banks
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How was your first week of 2018, what did you all do. Also thanks for the new year wishes ! I couldn't respond to them but know that I greatly APPRICIATE you all 馃檪 Na Moyo VIDEO OUT NOW Music Performed by @ivrah_ Directed By RACKER
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Life is only as big as you make it, how big can you dream up your end goal ( Success) and how far will you go towards executing it, how big is that vision in your heart to be the best father/mother be greatest of all the producers, engineers,photographer list can go on and on. But actually stop and think, how big it is (your dream) when nobody is putting limits on it!! Now who told you that you can't become that ? Not just a small fraction of that, I mean all that and then some !!! ? Bible says ( he gives us the desires of our heart & I believe that. Then think is it only you and your family ? Maybe friends ? If you want anything you can get it and become it, I mean look at @elonmusk, Steve Jobs, Billy Gram @diamondplatnumz , M. L. K just to name a few, nothing was never handed to them, They had big dreams and those dreams came to there fruition because of their vision and work ethic, There drive was never money or fame or power, it was to make a difference. What makes you any less than these inspiring and influential people, Nothing! Go become the best version of you, do it not because you have to, but because you want to, Do it because it's your dream and nobody else can have it, Change the world because you want to, not because you want fame and recognition for it, that comes on its own. It's your time to shine, how bad do you want it ? What's your vision. 馃摲 @casby_23
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Coming Soon Dir @innomafuru Color Grading @i_am_racker
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Be thankful for your life, spend time in nature Breathe deeply let go of your worries Forgive yourself And build your life Around what you love 馃悏 @akwramusic @innomafuru @gzzie @sabithatsu Today marks 1 year exactly since I started doing music videos. I had no idea what i was getting myself into at the time, all i knew was that i was obsessed w the notion of producing visual contents. I am most thankful for my freedom to live the life i choose to live and do what i want to do, the opportunity to work hard and make something of myself, my family, my faith in God and last but certainly not least ALL OF YOU! 鈽猴笍
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Merry Christmas 馃巹馃巵 Tusheherekee Video is out now This video was shot & Edited in 2hrz, Link on @ivrah_ bio Cc @fama_tz
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What is one thing you love about your family? This could be something you learned from them, their character traits, anything ! just wanted to take a moment to reflect on why family is so important! The thing i love about my family is that we are always honest with one another . Merry Christmas 馃巹 Cc @akwramusic @sabithatsu @gzzie
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Inhale confidence, Exhale doubt
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What鈥檚 the most important thing you have learned in 2017 ?! For me, I learned being consistent and dedicated is not easy, but it鈥檚 so worth it. Also I鈥檓 obsessed with this Christmas series of photos. Stay tuned for more.....
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We all struggle with fear, and fear can have a very useful purpose at times, but it can also limit our own potential! I鈥檇 encourage us all to take a moment, breathe and think about this for a few minute today! Sometimes just being aware of your fears and admitting them can help you tackle them @djshanamnyamwez MUA @lee_untamed
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What鈥檚 your favorite camera ?
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