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.... The Wonderland Ballroom to Seth Rich’s Ex Girlfriends House was about 2 blocks. It’s feasible he spent quite a bit of time at The Wonderland Ballroom in his past with Kelsey. From Lou’s City Bar to Seth Rich’s home in the Bloomingdale neighborhood was 1.7 Miles on Foot. At 2AM it’s highly unlikely Seth walker that alone. From The Wonderland Ballroom to Seth Rich’s house in the Bloomingdale neighborhood was a 1.8 Mike walk at 2AM.. also not likely or feasible. Neighborhoods are sketchy at that time. We walked both during the day, and drove them at night in Washington DC, per CIC Shotspotter Shots were fired at 4:19 AM on the morning of July 10th. This is what alerted Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police to Seth Rich at the Intersection of Flagler Street. Police reports indicate that nothing was taken from Seth Rich. He still had his wallet, cash, watch, credit cards, phone, Jewish Chai Pendant that his mother gave to his father during Courtship that was inscribed “ditto” on it. Seth Rich was responded to by 6 Officers the morning he was shot twice in the back. Four of the Six Officers were wearing body cams. One of the First responding Officers Wingate-Robinson's sister worked for the Clinton Campaign... Half of the Officers that responded used to work for Vice Squad, undercover, notorious for hiding in the shadows. They are now "Company Men" as one DC Metro Police Officer told us off the record.To Date, Not one of the responding officers has ever uttered one word in regards to the unsolved murder of Seth Conrad Rich. Reports circulated from other Investigators that Dr. Jack Sava was involved in the surgery at MedStar Hospital of Seth Conrad Rich. Dr. Jack Sava is actually an Alias, his real name is Dr. Jack A Ateljevich, who just happens to be good friends with John Podesta.. #HisNameWasSethRich #JusticeForSethRich #SethRich #wikileaks #HillaryClinton #Imr#ImranAwan #DebbieWassermanShultz #LizLyons #JohnPodesta #DNC #DNC#DNCLeak> #DNCLeak #DNCHack #DCPolice #Murder #Coverup #Dem#Democrat> #Democrat #Republican #Republicans #DonaldTrump #Trump #ImranAwan #AwanFraudLawsuit
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Seth Rich was the Data Director for New Voter Registration and Voter Expansion for the Democratic Party. The MainStream Media will try to lead you to believe that Seth Rich was just a regular "DNC Staffer" this couldn't be farther from the truth. Seth Rich was reportedly shot at 4:19 AM on Sunday Morning July 10th at the Intersection of Flagler St. 2134 Flagler to be exact, across from the Flagler Market. The night of July 9th Seth Rich was said to have been hanging out at Lou's City Bar on Irving Street in Washington D.C. One of his regular hangouts according to workers, the GM, and his friends. Joe Capone, General Manager of Lou’s City Bar stated on a September 2016 Crime Watch TV Interview that he offered to get Seth Rich a Cab, or if he wanted to hang out and get a ride home. Months later Joe Capone would State he was never at the bar that night and in fact on vacation with his family. We have Video and Audio if Joe Capone completely changing his story. Now why would Joe Capone blatantly lie, and change his story? Records would show that Joe Capone would visit the White House on July 6, just a few days before the murder of Seth Rich. Joe Capone is also featured in the re-election campaign video for Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser... now that’s interesting... Now what are the coincidences that Lou’s City Bar GM Joe Capone claims to be the last person to see Seth Rich Alive, Is in the DC Mayors Re-Election Ad, Visited the White House 3 days before death Then wasn’t there working at the Bar that night rumors circulated that Seth Rich has told friends he was going somewhere else and many said he went to The Wonderland Ballroom, it’s about 4 blocks from Lou’s City Bar. We went there and talked to the GM. He stated he knew Seth but couldn’t remember if he was there that night.. #HisNameWasSethRich #JusticeForSethRich #SethRich #wikileaks #HillaryClinton #Imr#ImranAwan #DebbieWassermanShultz #LizLyons #JohnPodesta #DNC #DNC#DNCLeak> #DNCLeak #DNCHack #DCPolice #Murder #Coverup #Dem#Democrats #Democrat #Republican #Republicans #DonaldTrump #Trump #ImranAwan #AwanFraudLawsuit
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BBC Reports: A pilot has died after a light aircraft crashed moments after taking off. The plane came down in a field off Chiswell Green Lane at Chiswell Green, Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire Police said it was called at 12:33 GMT by the ambulance service to reports of the crash. The pilot, in his 50s, was the only person on board, the force added. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has launched an investigation into the crash. A spokesman for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue said the light aircraft had reportedly "gone down on take-off". "Two fire engines and a service unit attended and made the aircraft safe," he added. Question is now with 2 plane crashes near and on the #Rothschild estate of Buckinghamshire, UK, is the Rothschild family being targeted by a special #mil#military option. This plane crash in Hertfordshire, UK which is only about 40 miles from the #RothschildEstate in Buckinghamshire, #UK, are only incidents that are about 2-3 weeks apart. ​ The question is this a #military #operation going down in #England targeting the Rothschild's, as you remember towards the middle and end of November...That #Q on #4Chan basically warned the Rothschilds that they are not safe and can even hear them breathing. Of course the thing with this crash we aren't getting a name of the person killed in the wreckage near the Rothschild's estate today in Hertfordshire, UK.
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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) gave his first interview since being cleared of a House Ethics probe and spoke to Catherine Herridge of Fox News. “I believe there’s evidence that abuses have occurred,” Nunes told Herridge regarding the #FISA courts and other surveillance practices. “We have had an ongoing investigation into #DOJ and #FBI since mid-summer for both FISA abuse and other matters that we can’t get into too much. But it is very concerning.” “I hate to use the word #corrupt, but they become so dirty that, who is watching the watchmen? Who is investigating these people? There is no one.” “It’s hard to believe that all of them, there was a very small circle that we’re looking into the #Trump dossier overall.” #Nunes said. Media was set ablaze Thursday after FBI Director #ChristopherWray testified at a #HouseJudiciaryCommittee oversight hearing. He defended the FBI against Trump’s scorched earth #tweets attacking the institution’s corrupt leadership and refused to answer many key questions. All eyes are on Trump-hating and #Hillary-loving FBI agent #PeterStrzok. The disgraced agent was removed from #Mueller’s witch hunt after it was discovered he was sending anti-Trump text messages to his mistress FBI lawyer Lisa Page. Mueller covered-up this scandal, which is a #scandal in itself. #RepJimJordan (R-OH) also unloaded on FBI Director Christopher Wray Thursday during a House hearing. The conservative firebrand demanded Wray confirm whether or not Trump-hating FBI agent Peter #Strzok applied for the FISA warrant to spy on Trump officials. Jordan told Lou Dobbs Thursday night he believes the FISA court application to spy on the Trump campaign will prove the FBI used fake dossier to spy on opposing party! Perhaps it was discovered over the summer that Strzok used the #dossier to obtain a FISA #warrant to spy on Trump’s camp. Many people believe there is more to the story than Strzok being removed for anti-Trump text messages. All of Mueller’s associates are anti-Trump liberal hacks so why was Strzok singled out? We will find out soon. The wheels on Mueller’s #DeepState witch hunt are starting to fall off.
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Link in bio . . . . The #FBI agent brought in to replace #Strzok, David Archey was involved in the launch of #Hil#HillaryClinton’s private email server investigation. On the face of it, this FBI utility man sounds like he may not be ‘pro-Hillary’, however; a closer look at him shows evidence to the contrary. Agent #DavidArchey – described by his colleagues as a utility man of sorts within the FBI – quietly joined Mueller’s team over the summer, according to sources with knowledge of the matter. While Archey’s exact role within the Special Counsel’s office remains unclear, some in FBI circles believe he was sent there to replace #PeterStrzok, who was brought onboard by #Mue#Mueller to help manage the far-reaching investigation but removed in early summer. Others questioned whether Archey’s enlistment had anything to do with Strzok. According to ABC, at the time of Strzok’s departure, Archey was serving as the acting head of the FBI’s field office in Birmingham, Alabama. Archey was also one of the FBI agents who was briefly involved in the launch of Hillary’s #criminal email probe, as reported by ABC: For a brief period in 2015, he served as the acting deputy assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division at headquarters in Washington. According to documents released by the FBI, he was one of a small group of senior FBI officials who – on the day that the FBI launched its criminal probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state – approved the move. He was not otherwise involved in the FBI’s investigation related to Clinton #HillaryClintonEmails #UraniumOne #DNC #ClintonRussia #ClintonRussiaCollusion #RussiaDossier #FusionGps #Mueller #HillaryClinton #LockHerUp #LockThemUp #TonyPodesta #JohnPodesta #DonnaBrazile #ElizabethWarren #Treason #Traitors
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Thomas Wictor explains how Michael Flynn's guilty plea implicated the Obama DOJ and set up an opportunity to tell his story. #followthewhiterabbit #awakening #fakenews #pizzagate #trump #donaldtrump #maga #jesus #pray . . . . Repost from @breadcrumb_messenger
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Link in bio . . . #GOP lawmakers have come forward with new allegations of #PoliticalBias or interference at the #FBI - this time involving the 2012 #Benghazi attack. John Solomon of The Hill reports tht Rep. #RonDesantis (R-FL) recently interviewed a retired FBI supervisor who told him he was instructed by Deputy Director #AndrewMcCabe not to call the 2012 Benghazi attack an act of #terrorism when distributing the FBI's findings to the larger intelligence community - despite knowing exactly who conducted the attack. The agent found the instruction concerning because his unit had gathered incontrovertible evidence showing a major #alQaeda figure had directed the attack and the information had already been briefed to President #Obama, the lawmaker said. -The Hill After the September 11, 2012 attack against U.S. government facilities in Benghazi, #Libya, the #ObamaAdministration peddled a lie, telling the public that the #attack was related to #Muslims who had become enraged at an anti-Islam #YouTube video, and not a planned act of terrorism - despite #HillaryClinton #emailing #ChelseaClinton from her #unsecure @clintonemail.com server the night of the attack to say exactly that. Chelsea - using the pseudonym "#DianeReyonds" probably didn't have the clearance to receive classified intelligence from her mother, the #SecretaryofState. "Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Queda-like group: The #Ambassador, whom I handpicked and a young communications officer on temporary duty w a wife and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of the same tomorrow." -Hillary Clinton to Chelsea Clinton
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#WikiLeaks and its founder, #JulianAssange, are facing multiple investigations by U.S. authorities, including three congressional probes and a federal criminal inquiry, sources familiar with the investigations said. Supporters of #Hil#HillaryClinton react at her election night rally in Manhattan, New York. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson The #Senate and House of Representatives #intelligencecommittees and leaders of the Senate #JudiciaryCommittee are probing the website’s role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign, according to the sources, who all requested anonymity, and public documents. WikiLeaks published emails hacked from the Democratic Party and the personal email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman. In a report issued in January, the #CIA, the #NationalSecurityAgency, and the #FederalBureauofInvestigation said Russian intelligence did the hacking, and the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency, sent hacked data to WikiLeaks via intermediaries. The Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating who gave WikiLeaks the hacked Democratic National Committee data that WikiLeaks published in July 2016, which included more than 44,000 emails and 17,000 attachments, the sources said. So far, its inquiries are still at an early stage, the sources said. . . . #HisNameWasSethRich #JusticeForSethRich #SethRich #wikileaks #HillaryClinton #DebbieWassermanShultz #LizLyons #JohnPodesta #DNC #DNC#DNCLeak> #DNCLeak #DNCHack #DCPolice #Murder #Coverup #Dem#Democrat> #Democrat #Republican #Republicans #DonaldTrump #Trump
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I had thought that #Mueller may have been doing good but all the corruption being exposed on his team is making me second guess that. It's time for a new special council. #HillaryClinton #LockHerUp #HillaryClintonEmails #UraniumOne #DNC #ClintonRussia #ClintonRussiaCollusion #RussiaDossier #FusionGps #LockThemUp #TonyPodesta #JohnPodesta #DonnaBrazile #ElizabethWarren #Treason #Traitors
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