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This new chapter I am diving into makes me so happy.🌿 I love taking pictures of people, their families, other peoples product and capturing people chasing their dreams. I also love to highlight people and brands on my page because I believe in the power of collaboration and I love helping people grow.👏🏻 Message me for rates if any of these offers interest you! Swipe ➡️ for samples.👀 Myself and my team of creatives would LOVE to make you happy!❤️ #calledtocreate #photography #marketing #DEFINE
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I think sometimes it’s okay to be quiet and let your heart break.🌿 In the studio today shooting.📸 Booking photography mini shoots daily now-if you’d like me to capture you, message me.❤️ #forwardfacing #learning #growing #newchapters
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I had the incredible honor to work with this amazing woman most recently. @mica.nthedbtribe owns the dance studio @hddcelko in #Prineville. I left more inspired than I’ve been in years. Literally. The way she coached these girls and the happiness and strength that exuded from her was a force. She pours into these girls and you can see how hard they work. Her talent to choreograph contemporary dance is jaw dropping. Mica, you are a true gem. Thank you for bringing me into your world lately and trusting me to work with you; I am SO ready to come back again!❤️ #dance #powerfulwomen #girlpower #contemporary #DEFINE
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Control your thoughts and what you are willing to surround yourself with; it’s essential. Trust me. It is truly a beautiful place to be when you respect yourself and are focused on where you are going with your dreams.💋 Today was a really good day with the goals I am aiming for; I can’t help but be really excited. But it’s not without overcoming my own fears and getting out of my own way. Huge thanks to the people who are helping me with the direction I am headed! 🙏🏼❤️ #dreamchaser #happiness #entrepreneur
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#Nashelle babes!💕 TODAY is the BIG day! Our annual #Christmas Trunk Show has started! Please come by and give me a hug and say hello! I’ll be there after 4:30 with my sweet daughter in tow.💕 Fun fact about my company that I love with all of my heart: I started our HUGE trunk shows 11 years ago in the front of my house and took an ad out in the Bend Bulletin as a gem and jewelry sale! Fast forward to years later, it’s a staple for filling gift lists and getting a chance to spoil yourself.💕 I love our community so much and my husband and I value your many years of strong support as my team and I have grown my brand that is like a first child to me.💋 With all of my heart, THANK YOU! And always, with each and every piece we sell, we donate a full meal to someone in need across the USA by partnering with @feedingamerica and @neighborimpact 🌿 #designlife #fashionfeedinghunger #handmade #bendoregon
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A little bit about Ryan and I, between the two of us, we have six kids.😅🤪 When I met him, I had four boys; he had one. We have two twelve year olds, a ten year old, an eight year old and a five year old. Shortly after we decided to get married (which was in the first month of dating....) we decided to also have a baby. We were gifted a little girl, Ireland Grace. She’s two and half now, calls her crew ‘her boys’, is incredibly smart and feisty with an adorable sweetness. I’m totally done for. I don’t share a lot of photos of my boys because they literally cannot stand it.😂 But they are with me always and they are my tribe. Ryan’s son visits us from Alaska. I love our crew. It’s always loud, I’m always exhausted, everyone is growing up so nicely and I’m totally out of my league as a mom. But each day, I level up to what they need. They are turning into teenagers soon and yes, I’m scared for that phase but I’m also working at keeping all of our lines of communication open. This mom thing is hard; having a huge family can be wild but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.💕 I thank Ryan often for giving us the gift of a little girl. She’s the only one who will let me take pictures.😂 Love you guys. Shout out to the moms tonight.👊🏼 Keep up the great work, loves.💕 #momlife #bigfamilies #lovelovelove
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How are you entering in to 2018? With your health in mind?💡 Working on bettering your self and journey? With a team of people that feel like family and want the best for you?🙏🏼💕 With a little extra money to invest in your dreams?💰 I am!👏🏻🌿 Beacause I value all of those things and take my life seriously.😍 Would you like join a team that is more like a tribe and feel your best? Let me know! There’s a reason I’ve been doing this for over two years now.👏🏻👌🏽 Trust me.💋 #weareisagenix #superfood #healthylifestyle
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One day left until our annual @nashellejewelry TRUNK SHOW!💕 Come by, say hi and give hugs to our team that has worked incredibly hard this year making jewelry and helping further our #fashionfeedinghunger mission!🍽 Everything will be $45 and we will have an online sale of limited addition items if you can’t make it! PERFECT for scooping up gifts for everyone on your list and to spoil yourself TOO!😍💕 All my love, Heather Nashelle 💋 Fri-Sun Starting at 10:00am! 61511 American Lane Bend, OR #oneforone #handmade #style #thebest
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What are you going to do about it? Sit back and be lazy? Feel sorry for yourself? No. You’re going to get out there and own it. Smash it. And level up again. That’s what winners do. You got this. Stay in your power.🔥 #empower #success #dreambig
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This is what fear looks like! But I am so excited to be putting in the schooling and work for this. Feb 19th I host my own online TV show. I am interviewing experts across the nation on the subject I am most passionate about and let me tell you, I am ready to spill the beans and share all! Right along side some incredibly influential people who have preserved incredible stories! I never thought I’d be right where I am now with this incredible opportunity but each day that I wake up knowing this is in my path, I get to work. Stay tuned. Stay authentic. Stay focused. And let’s get real.🎤🎧 #publicspeaking #influencialpeople #cantstopwontstop #thankful #pr
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We all have dreams and goals. We all are capable of achieving great success. The secret lies within how hard you are willing to work, how focused you choose to be and aligning yourself with people who will help get you there with intentional strategy. I’d love to help you #DEFINE your vision, streamline your mission, elevate your exposure and increase your sales. For the next two weeks I am offering 4 courses for the price of just 3! Book now and you will get one course free!👏🏻 Let’s see how far we can this new year together and seriously kill 2018 in the best way.👏🏻🔥 Message me to take advantage of this exclusive offer to work with myself and our team.👌🏽 Wearing my favorite necklace from my handmade jewelry collection @nashellejewelry ❤️ #marketing #consulting #publicspeaking #millionairemindset #bossbabe
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