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Friday night, done right!!!! @sheridanaustralia #SheridanLife #SheridanKids
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Her favourite time of day.... When she curls up at the end of the day and reads her favourite book!! Do you have any books about pregnancy and childbirth that you love? We would love some recommendations! Super snuggly robe by @sheridanaustralia #SheridanLife #SheridanKids
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Want to hear a funny story?? Yesterday afternoon I had to photograph some product for one of the beautiful stores we work with and I thought I’d use the paddock right next to our house as it gets beautiful light, the paddock belongs to Pongo and Tinkerbelle. Well “someone” must have left the gate open because I was chatting to Harriet when I hear Audrey yell “Mum!!! Tink just got out” I looked up to find Tinkerbelle outside the gate and Pongo making a beeline for it. Audrey ran to close it but didn’t make it and these two cheeky ponies were off for their lives down the street!! I’m yelling, the girls are yelling, Luke and his Dad come flying out of the house and luckily our neighbour heard the commotion and came running too. They managed to round them up and return them to two very worried little girls and one very embarrassed pregnant lady 🙈🙈 Note to self, always double check the gate 😬 #imblamingitonbabybrain #audreyandherpongopony #harryandtink
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When life gives you lemons (or just a whole heap of citrus in our case)!!!! Keeping up our yearly tradition of #audreyscrazybaths (check out our stories for previous years and tell me which one is your fave) 🍊🍋
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My darling big girl... Audrey is so excited and inquisitive with this pregnancy, it has been so much fun talking for hours about what we can all expect and how she can be involved. She has asked several times now to be with us when the baby is born but I’m just not sure how I feel about that yet... Were any of your older babes around for your deliveries?? I would love to hear your stories and advice!! • • • • • • #unitedinchildhood #dailyparenting #ig_motherhood #mom_hub #themagicofchildhood #cameramama #magicofchildhood #childhoodunplugged #momtogs #momswithcameras #pixel_kids #kidsofinstagram #kidsofig #bestofmom #shared_joy #nestandflourish #posttheordinary #visualsoflife #darlingmovement #momentsinthesun
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Sometimes we all just need a good hug!! In the last week we have spent time in the ER for Harriet’s eye, Audrey and I came down with a funny allergy like flu and then yesterday the power went out in the storm and didn’t come back on till late this afternoon (meaning my normal office day went out the window)... But tomorrow is a new day and now we are all on the mend (and we have power) I’m hoping it’s a bit better than the week that was!! #harryandtink
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Spending our Summer days dreaming about our Winter babe... We are at the half way point and I’ve finally started collecting some beautiful pieces and getting very excited!
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The votes from the girls are in... Audrey is hoping for a brother and Harriet another sister! Who do you think is right?????! #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #rainbowbaby #pregnancy #maternity #babybump #bumplove #stylishbump #inspirepregnancy #petitejoys #pregnantandperfect #honestmotherhood #babyinside #motherhoodunplugged
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Frolicking in the Never Never, a babe on my hip and a babe in my belly.... Many of you noticed we took a wee break, it wasn’t intentional at first but I came to realise it was needed. I had become so focused on the things I didn’t have that I had stopped being grateful for all the things I did. The last month I’ve rarely had my phone with me and while at first it felt like someone ripped my safety blanket from me the more time went on the more I realised just how dependent I had become on it. Thank you to everyone who messaged and emailed with concern, I promise to get back to all of you at some point (although it might take me a while as I have 99+ DMs in my inbox here alone) Babe and I are fine, I did suffer from horrible migraines just after Christmas but I’m feeling really good and our wee blessing is already incredibly active! • • • • #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #rainbowbaby #pregnancy #maternity #babybump #bumplove #stylishbump #inspirepregnancy #petitejoys #pregnantandperfect #honestmotherhood #babyinside #motherhoodunplugged
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She’s definitely not a stallion or one of Daddy’s racehorses as requested but it is safe to say Harriet is completely besotted with her new ride!! Welcome to the family Tinkerbell, your new owner is a wild one but she has a heart of gold!!! #HarryandTink
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All our babes... Our girls, our rainbow babe and our angel babe... Always shining down on us and forever written in the history of our hearts.
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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who showered us with love regarding our precious babe. We are overwhelmed by all the beautiful comments and DMs. We feel so blessed and are incredibly excited for this journey but I will admit the last few months have not been smooth. Pregnancy after loss is extra special but it is also an extremely anxious time, our loss back in August came as a shock to us and it is easy to let fear creep in... We are reminding ourselves everyday to go gently and embrace the beauty and chaos of this next chapter.
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