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A110. Hopes couldn’t be higher.
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Land Rover ‘Works’ Defender. 400hp n/a V8 and 0-60 in 5.6sec. Available as 90 and 110. Excellent work from the specialist boffins at LR. Sadly prices begin at £150k, but we can still dream.
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1M + @akrapovic = Little Monster. Love this car.
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Cat burglar.
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Finally found a wagon I’d have over an RS6. Doesn’t even have an ‘S’ after the Turbo badge. Even more fabulous covered in mud. #sportturismo
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Panamera Sport Turismo. Works well.
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Hannu Mikkola. Not.
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356 skiing. More.
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Initial performance evaluation @tuthillporsche secret test facility. Is 356 skiing a sport?
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One owner from new. Non-matching numbers. Bit ratty - and it will remain so. Heaven.
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Er....Well, I bet it drives REALLY well.
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Ltd edition Joey Dunlop lids @whyarai. I'll top posting helmet photos soon. Promise. But how cool do they look?!
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