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Meet with us at the Nigerian International Petroleum Summit 2018. International Conference Centre, Abuja Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd, February. Have the chance to speak one on one with our Investment Advisors and Technical team.
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No better time to plant a tree than now. Start now, Invest Wisely #Imperialvista #Hall7RealEstate #2018
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MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS. We are boxing different this year ๐Ÿ˜‰
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The 11th Abuja Housing Show International Conference Centre, Abuja 08094448555
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Why compromise, when we can tailor it to suit you. #Luxury #Hall7RealEstate #luxury #style #interiordesign
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Be Inspired Welcome to the month of July #Hall7RealEstate #Abuja #Nigeria
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Luxury Condos At The Bridge Apartments And Town Houses; The Bridge Peridot, Mbora District #BuyValue #BuyLuxury #Hall7RealEstate
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No compromise. Everything is important #choices #luxury #Abuja #Nigeria The Bridge Garnet, Galadimawa
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The Bridge Apartments and Town Houses, Mbora District. Abuja #Realestate #luxury
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Team Work Makes The Dream Work We had a fantastic team building retreat at the Inagbe Grand Resort, and e would share with you some of our pictures and videos. This was the Kayaking race between Team Pepper Them, The Spartans and The Terminator. The Terminators won this race. Kudos ๐Ÿ‘
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Happy Easter To You & Yours
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