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To our followers in Spain—this is the final week to see "David Hockney: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life" at @museoguggenheim in Bilbao, on view through February 25. This exhibition presents David Hockney’s recent portraits created with a renewed vigor, offering an intimate snapshot of the Los Angeles art world and the people who have crossed the artist’s path over the last years. Learn more at #HockneyGuggenheimBilbao __ #Gug#Guggenheimao #Guggenheim #DavidHockney
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Tickets to #ArtAfterDark on March 9 are on sale! Join us for an after-hours viewing of current exhibitions, and DJ performances by @fomoparty DJs: @tap10, @DarlingChuck, @thayellowrkel. Buy tickets at __ Photo: Scott Rudd #Guggenheim
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"Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art."—Frank Lloyd Wright #Fra#FrankLloydWrightays __ 📷 Guggenheim visitor @lapetitemai #Guggenheim #FrankLloydWright #Architecture #NewYorkCity
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Last week artists, curators, and guests gathered to celebrate the opening of "Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away," featuring installations, sculptures, and photography from the Vietnamese-born, Danish artist. Vo's work addresses sweeping cultural and political themes, refracting them through intimate personal narratives—what the artist calls “the tiny diasporas of a person’s life.” Learn more and plan your visit at __ #DanhVo #Guggenheim Photos: Ben Hider and Scott Rudd
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Happy #ValentinesDay from the Guggenheim! Share #RoyLichtenstein's "In" (1962) with someone special. ❤️️#Guggenheim #Lichtenstein
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Love is in the air! Join us tomorrow, February 14 at 1pm for a #ValentinesDay tour exploring love and art. Discover works by #Manet, #Marc, #Picasso, #Brancusi, and Josef and Anni #Albers that address love from various perspectives. The tour is free with admission and meets on the rotunda floor. No RSVP required. __ Photo: Ben Hider #Guggenheim #GuggenheimCollection
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"I remember when we used to go up on Tar Beach, which was the roof of our building, we could reflect and look at all of New York, the lights, and it was so beautiful"—Collection artist Faith Ringgold discusses her life, artistic process, and the story of "Tar Beach" (1988) in a 2012 @craftinamerica interview. Best known for her imaginative, narrative quilts, this is the first quilt in Ringgold's colorful and lighthearted series "Women on a Bridge," which depicts the fantasies of Cassie Louise Lightfoot, its spirited heroine and narrator who on a summer night in Harlem flies over the George Washington Bridge. For Ringgold, this phantasmic flight symbolizes the potential for freedom and self-possession. Learn more about Ringgold's "Tar Beach" at and listen to the interview at #FaithRinggold #Gug#Guggenheimection #Guggenheim #BlackHistoryMonth
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To our followers in Spain—@museoguggenheim's latest exhibition "Henri Michaux: The Other Side," brings together over 200 works by French poet and artist Henri Michaux, an unclassifiable figure of the arts and literature of the 20th century. Learn more at #Gug#Guggenheimao #Guggenheim #HenriMichaux __ Photos: Erika Barahona
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“Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away” is now on view, featuring installations, sculptures, photographs, and works on paper that Danh Vo has created over the past 15 years. Vo's projects question the ways we define ourselves through personal histories, cultural affiliations, and national allegiances. Learn more at __ #DanhVo #Guggenheim 📷 David Heald
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"I was trying to find a unique angle of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright design. I found inspiration in the black and white lines on the building and carried that to the white and black crosswalk lines in the foreground of the photo."—Guggenheim Visitor @bspitz #Fra#FrankLloydWrightays __ Photo: Brian #Guggenheim #FrankLloydWright #Architecture #NewYorkCity
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On view tomorrow, February 9—"Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away" is the first comprehensive survey in the United States of the work of Danish artist Danh Vo. Filling the ramps of the rotunda, the exhibition offers an illuminating overview of Vo’s production from the past 15 years. Through sculptures, photographs, and works on paper, the Vietnamese-born, Danish artist explores the ways our lives are shaped by the intersection of individual and collective histories. Check out our Instagram Story today for an exhibition preview 🔝. __ 📷 David Heald #DanhVo #Guggenheim
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Edgar Degas, an Impressionist from an older generation of artists, painted "Dancers in Green and Yellow" in 1903. With his vision failing in the mid-1880s, the more forgiving medium of pastel became increasingly important to Degas, who fully exploited its soft, blurred contours and coloristic effects. While born into a privileged background, he often explored the fringes of Parisian society in his artwork, particularly interested in ballerinas. Degas rendered their forms while caught unaware, depicting grace—or the lack thereof—in their gestures and movement. See this work on view, or explore more works from our collection online at #BalletDay #Gug#Guggenheimection #Guggenheim #EdgarDegas
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Be among the first to experience "Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away" at our Members’ Opening Party on Friday, February 9 (free for Individual level members and above). For a limited time, join the Guggenheim and receive discounts on our most popular membership levels! Join now at #DanhVo #Guggenheim __ Photo: Ben Hider
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On Sunday, February 11, go inside the world of Golden Globe Award-winning series @MITJAmazon with @worksandprocess, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim. Composer Caroline Shaw, executive producer and series creator Paul Weitz, showrunner Will Graham, and creative consultant Elena Park, will take the audience inside the music created for the show and feature performances of music by Shaw and Nico Muhly. Purchase your tickets at 🎶 #WorksandProcess #Guggenheim
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Do you love art? Test your knowledge with our new #GuessTheArtist game where we'll share a detail of a work from our collection to see if you can identify the artist and title. Today’s hint: this Expressionist's use of pulsating colors and dematerialized forms is common in his landscapes. Leave your guess in a comment below—we’ll share the answer by the end of the day. Good luck! #Gug#GuggenheimCollection #Guggenheim
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"Man needs color to live; it's just as necessary an element as fire and water"—Fernand Léger, born today in 1881. Inspired by Paul Cézanne's ability to accurately describe three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional canvas, in "Nude Model in the Studio" (1912-13), Léger splintered his figure into fragmented units, and his emphasis on arcs and rich color characterize his idiosyncratic Cubist style. Explore his colorful compositions at #Gug#Guggenheimection #Guggenheim #FernandLeger
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"In architecture, as in life, to separate spirit and matter is to destroy both."—Frank Lloyd Wright (1937) #Fra#FrankLloydWrightays __ 📷 @kitsune0984 #Guggenheim #FrankLloydWright #Architecture
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Today we celebrate our museum’s founder, Solomon R. Guggenheim, born on this date in 1861. 🎈 The museum was made possible by his inspired collecting of the art of his time, including over 150 works by Vasily Kandinsky. Guggenheim turned to contemporary, abstract art later in his life, and once said, “As it grew on me . . . I wished others to share in that joy.” #Guggenheim __ Solomon R. Guggenheim at the Plaza Hotel, New York, ca. 1937, with Rudolf Bauer’s "Andante" (from "Tetraptychon: Symphony in Four Movements," 1926–30). Photo: Underwood and Underwood Studios
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How big is your love? Show how much you care this #ValentinesDay with the #BigLoveBall. Shop now at #Gug#GuggenheimStore #Guggenheim
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“'My work is really through installation. It’s always about how things speak together.' His exhibitions can be very spare, with a lot of empty space between objects. Each work invites close attention, to itself and to the repercussions that it sets off with others. A quietly intense conversation is going on, which we can enter or not, as we choose.”—Danh Vo, via @newyorkermag. “Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away,” an illuminating overview of the artist's production from the past 15 years, opens February 9. #DanhVo #Guggenheim __ Artwork: Installation view: Danh Vo وادي الحجارة, Museo Jumex, Mexico City, November 13, 2014–February 25, 2015 Photo: Abigail Enzaldo and Emilio Bernabé García, courtesy Museo Jumex, Mexico City.
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Claude Monet visited Venice for the first time in autumn 1908 and was captivated by the city's unique light. Monet returned to basic materials-stones, light, water, mist-each interacting with the other to produce a mosaic of suffused iridescent hues and to capture the fleeting light of Venice that saturate the entire surface of the canvas in "The Palazzo Ducale, Seen from San Giorgio Maggiore" (1908). See this work on view, or explore more works from our collection at #Gug#Guggenheimection #ThannhauserCollection #Guggenheim #ClaudeMonet
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Be among the first to experience "Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away" at our Members’ Opening Party on Friday, February 9 (free for Individual level members and above). For a limited time, join the Guggenheim and receive discounts on our most popular membership levels! Join now at #DanhVo #Guggenheim __ Artwork: Danh Vo, "She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene," 2009.
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These hand-finished figurines are inspired by #KazimirMalevich's "Sportsmen" (1931). Today only, save 20% when you purchase all four. Shop now at #Gug#GuggenheimStore #Guggenheim
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Want 2-for-1 tickets? We’re joining @nycgo for #NYC#NYCMustSeeWeekisit the Guggenheim, and bring a friend for free! #NYCMustSeeWeek runs January 29–February 11. Learn more at #Guggenheim 📷 David Heald
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