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2 session on my @simonrocknrolltattoo 's back piece. So stoked how it's taking shape. Cannot wait to finish it soon! Thanks again my friens! You rule!
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Thank you Fraser for sitting like a champion. To be continued next year! Unfortunately was not able to finish it, couple of more hours and is done.
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Shin banger for Angus! Thanks a lot man for your trust. Wraps a lot but you get the idea.
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Winter is here! ❄️ first one of 2018. Could not ask for a better start of the year.🤘🏻🗡🤘🏻
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Some black and red tats from last year. Next week i will start to tattoo/share this year's pieces. Sorry for the lack of content! Hope you dig these! 2018 bring it on! #kwadron #h2oceanproteam
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Here is my personal no.1. fav in 2017. On fellow tattooer, Viktor! Thanks for watching and your incredible support during this and the past years! Cannot wait to reveal what 2018 will bring !have a blast next year everyone! @rookletink kwadron #h2oceanproteam
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Here is the second one of my personal favs in 2017. Start of a sleeve. Demons and skulls>everything else. Thanks for watching and your incredible support! #kwadron #h2oceanproteam
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3 days and 2017 is over. Would like to share my top 3 fav projects of this year. Not that i did not love to do all of them and would love to continue them asap but these 3 are very close to my heart. Here is the first one for Andy who traveled all the way from LA to start his sleeve. Thanks for watching and your incredible support! #kwadron #h2oceanproteam
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Another process post before the end of this year. @rookletink #kwadron #h2oceanproteam
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Last large scale project this year. The tattoos around the front piece are not by me. Thanks for watching! Soon to be expanded on the throat/neck and shoulderblades. @rookletink #kwadron #h2oceanproteam
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Thank you Ruben for traveling and sitting like a champ. Based on a Lucifer statue in Madrid. @rookletink #kwadron #h2oceanproteam
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