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Grandma Betty 👵•Grandma Betty•👵 💪•Cancer Defeater•💪 🙏•Happily in Heaven•🙏 ❤•Born: October 23, 1933•❤ 😇•Went Home: August 2, 2014•😇
Aimee and Grandma both have smiles on their faces because they stay positive despite their individual struggles.. Aimee had RA, but that doesn't stop her! @thehappinessstories is here to share the stories of normal people with special illnesses to raise awareness and inspire others to make a change. Check out @thehappinessstories to see inspirational stories, and stay tuned October 11th when a NEW video is released!
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I miss you Grandma Betty ❤️💕
When did she pass away?
Just like Grandma, @2kayla knows exactly how to put a smile on others' faces! ☺ Makayla is a part of The Happiness Stories, a really great series focused on children and adults going through life's obstacles whole keeping a smile on their faces! ☺ @thehappinessstories will have an announcement October 11th, so be sure to visit their page and stay tuned for more info! ☺
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@karatesam730 tnks
元気で良かった うれしいです(^_^)v
Who remembers @teamachilleus? Grandma Betty's family and @thehappinessstories are teaming up to share positive stories about people with illnesses who continue to live life to the fullest... JOIN us October 11th to be a part of a NEW video release so we can spread positivity across all SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW @thehappinessstories for more info!
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Sweet Grandma Betty❤️
I miss you
#GrandparentsDay was a success! We are so happy everyone submitted photos to show appreciation of their grandparents! Submit your own photo by posting it and tagging #GrandparentsDay & #GrandmaBetty33 !
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There is a picture of gram @grandmabetty33 on a reverse mortgage ad on Face book. Just wanted your to know .. I case u didn't give permission for them to use it . I would want to know . She was a beautiful lady
I just want to let you know that my grandma was a cancer fighter herself and that grandma Betty was a great inspection for her to keep fighting and smiling and to be happy and stay happy. We lost her last yeah as well and hopefully my grandma gets to meet her inspiration
1. Post a picture of you and your Grandparent(s) 2. Use #GrandparentsDay 3. Tag @grandmabetty33 4. You will be featured on Grandma's Instagram! #Happy Grandparents Day! Last chance! We will be making multiple collages to post the next couple of days! ☺️
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You are very lucky.....I just knew one Grandma and I miss her desperately!!
@grandmabetty33 تو كي ميخواي بميري؟
1. Post a picture of you and your Grandparent(s) 2. Use #GrandparentsDay 3. Tag @grandmabetty33 4. You will be featured on Grandma's Instagram! #Happy Grandparents Day! Write your favorite memory with your grandparents down below!
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nah @az.iman @imanaqhar @faizfahmi10 @azziq_hisham
1. Post a picture of you and your Grandparent(s) 2. Use #GrandparentsDay 3. Tag @grandmabetty33 4. You will be featured on Grandma's Instagram! #Happy Grandparents Day! BELOW, write a memory you have with your grandparents! :)
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I didn't even realize she passed :( @greeng0ddess1
1. Post a picture of you and your Grandparent(s) 2. Use #GrandparentsDay & #GrandmaBetty33 3. Tag @grandmabetty33 4. You will be featured on Grandma's Instagram! #Happy Grandparents Day!
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@olivia.treadwell I just
Grandma loved Harley, and he loved her too. 👵🏻❤️🐶 Remember, there's always someone who loves you! :)
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bona nit beti, se t'acaba el xollo @vicenard @paulapons2
Tia y susana @ninoskamtoro
Here's another photo from yesterday at the @splatoutcancer event!
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Doing a lung cancer run in October. My grandma defeated cancer September 3, 2013. I bet my grandma and your grandma are friends in heaven as they were both very loving. Anyways good bless you! @grandmabetty33
Grandma Betty was such an inspiration to me, and when I was sad she made me crack a smile.
Today we went out as a family to support awareness of cancer with @splatoutcancer! It was a blast to say the least, remembering Grandma Betty and her positive attitude! Thanks to all who showed up to support such an awesome event! ☺
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UofL's James Graham Brown Center will be holding this #SplatOutCancer event this saturday in Louisville, Ky! The goal is to raise money while coming together as a community, all while 'Splatting Out Cancer' by launching paint filled balloons at a wall! 😁 FUN, right?! ☺ More details details to come... FOLLOW AND LIKE @SPLATOUTCANCER AND TELL THEM WHO SENT YOU!! ☺
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😢😢😢 @darceyholly
I miss grandmabetty so much but she's in a better place now
We introduced you to @mrs_inzirillo awhile back... Go to her page and check out her amazing progress through her battle with cancer! #icancervive #Smile #Happy #❤️
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@asma_asma8 yes she did
Rip you always made me smile when I was sad I would go to your page to make me smile
Having a bad day? Take just 10 seconds to close your eyes and think of something #Happy! Grandma always wanted everyone to #Smile about the good things :)
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🍀 @yasmine_keane
So fricking cute @chloecos01
A year. It's been a year since the passing of our Grandma Betty. The Grandma who never failed to make us smile. The Grandma who inspired us to keep going no matter what. The Grandma who taught us to always be happy. "#BeHappy" she would say. And we would. "#Smile" she would say. And we would. A year. It's been a long and hard year without her here with us. We miss her, we love her, and we always have to remember what she always liked to say.... "If you're having a baaaad day, I want you to get that smile on your face and forget it, because the sun's beautiful outside!" -Grandma Betty #RIPGrandmaBetty 8/2/2014 #WeLoveYou ❤️
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@sara_maples I'm crying
Shes so cute 😍i miss her so much 💕
In honor of Memorial Day, join Grandma and her family in recognizing the many troops who lost their lives serving in the military. Clarence Simpson, Grandma's husband, served in the army. Below, comment a name of a friend or loved one you would like to recognize this Memorial Day, whether they lost their life fighting for your country, or they are actively serving. Thank you.
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my grandfather and my sister
Joe < my uncle because he is always there to make you feel better because he always has something nice to say. And my janitor at school he's always so nice to everyone and he's always smiling > mr.buzzy <(not his real name but that's what we call him because he never yells at anyone)
In honor of the #KentuckyDerby, here's Grandma Betty one year ago with her #DerbyHat on, dressed to impress! ------------------------- Have a #Happy day, everyone! 😊
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KNOCK KNOCK! Need a good laugh? Grandma can take care of that... TAG SOMEONE who needs to smile! 😂 Have a #Happy Monday! ☺️
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@oliviahauck_ me😂
Omg😍😍 @chloecos01
Have a wonderful Easter Sunday in Heaven, Grandma! Happy Easter!🐰🐣 #HappyEaster #Easter #Sunday #Smile #BeHappy #StayHappy
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ي حبي لها😂😭❤
I cant believe it. Its been an entire year since Grandma's first interview with @sarahhaeberle. PLEASE go to her profile and show her some #LOVE for sharing Grandma's story! 😊 #Smile #BeHappy #StayHappy
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Grandma Betty !😪😭😭😭😭💕 R.I.P
Grandmas are so special!