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Gimmie that remote 👊🏼👊🏼
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See you guys there 🌈✨🍋 tickets are available in the @goodtimeslive bio!
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Good morning from little miss sunshine 🌞 here’s a couple things I realized to get this fucking GLOWING skin this morning. 1.) look at my beautiful ass daughter and son. My iconic furry children. Amazing. 2.) actually Bitch yellow is my color. If I wanna shine like a golden ray I will regardless of my “skin undertone”. 3.) working out actually is great? Sounds weird coming out of my mouth. 4.) the middle finger is for every single person who ever doubted me. I went from a kid who wanted to kill myself every day to a young woman living in LA doing what I love. Thanks for motivating me though.
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Do you guys like the video selfies more? (PS: double tap and spam the comments & I’ll pick someone to follow 💓)
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Singing this song helps me when I’m having an anxiety attack and hopefully it’ll help u bb
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Footage of me omw to scam your whole life away
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Currently getting ready like
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Light energy 🌈🦋🦌
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*tyra banks voice* shitting, but make it fashion
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LoVers club🌹
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So Yeti went to the vet today and I found out she's actually a girl. 😂 whoopsie daisies
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Happy Halloween 🍒👹 what're you being?
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