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A distraction ~
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Your dream team 🌼🌈🦋
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Tag urself I’m the piece of Hair across my forehead @sydtherockerkid @kalistaelaine
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Tropic ✈️
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What’s your Zodiac sign? I’m an Aries
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Go look at my story 🌸
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An escape to Malibu 🍒 (I feel it’s important to note that while I took these pics there was a couple a ways off just chillin. As soon as they saw a titty the girlfriend climbed on the boyfriends lap, blocking his view and shoving her tongue down his throat faster than I’ve seen a cheetah move on a National Geographic special. Same girl. Same.)
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These literally couldn’t be more cringe and ya girl can not put on eyelashes worth a DAMN look @ this mess
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You’re my fairytale 🧚‍♂️ double tap your favorite
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Our honeymoooon🌙
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Little Alice fell 
the hOle, 
bumped her head
and bruised her soul
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I can’t stop laughing around these kids 🌈💫 familia
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