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For this week’s Farmer Friday, we salute family farmers. We know that oftentimes farming is a family business, going back four, five, even six generations in some cases. We think that makes farmers even more amazing, like this brother-sister duo from Manitoba, Canada. #FarmerFriday #farmfamily
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#TBT Pillsbury Microwave Pancakes debuted in October 1984. The microwavable pancakes could be warmed up and ready to eat in as little as 75 seconds. 🥞 See how we're helping breakfast lovers make delicious pancakes today, on our blog (click the link in our bio). #nationalpancakemonth #pancakes #breakfast #recipes
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Flip ‘em, stack ‘em, serve ‘em up hot … there’s more to pancakes than you might have thought. 🥞 There are a lot of ways to make simple pancake batter even better with easy recipes from Check out some of our favorite ways to make unique pancakes, on our blog (click the link in our bio). #NationalPancakeMonth #pan#pancakeh #pancake #recipes
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Clare Ryal is a senior business account manager for General Mills UK. She leads the commercial management of our Yogurt business for one of the UK’s major supermarkets, Asda. Ryal recently received Asda's coveted "Account Manager of the Year" award for her understanding of and passion for Asda and their customers. When asked about her commitment to her customers, Ryal said: “I thrive off of a challenge. Turning a business around requires a growth mindset, an obsession over your customer and incredible tenacity. I believe that all of this isn’t possible unless you demonstrate strong listening skills, confidence, and energy with your customer." Ryal also said her role with customers, like Asda, is to bring together expertise from across General Mills. "Similar to how our brands are focused on our consumers, I am focused on understanding and driving the customer’s agenda in order to drive our brand’s growth. Working cross functionally with our category development, marketing and supply chain teams to develop creative customer solutions is crucial to upholding our company values. It’s equally important that our customers see us as easy-to-do business and work in an open and transparent way." The first photo shows Ryal (center) at a recent Asda gala after she received their "Account Manager of the Year" award. In the second photo, she's pictured with her team (second from the right) inspirationally selling our innovation to Asda. #generalmillslife #asda
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Goodbye, ⏳. Hello, 🦄! For the first time in 10 years, Lucky Charms is introducing a new and permanent marshmallow -- the magical unicorn! With the entrance of the new magical charm, Lucky Charms lovers will have to say goodbye to the hourglass marshmallow. @luckycharms #unicorn #marshmallow #unicornmarshmallow
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When all your 🦄🦄🦄 UNICORN 🦄🦄🦄 dreams come true! #magicallydelicious #unicornmarshmallow #🦄 #❤️
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For this week’s Farmer Friday, we are grateful for all of the farmers working diligently to harvest their crops at the optimal time so we have the best ingredients for our products. Sometimes that means working long after the sun goes down. #far#farmiday #oat #farm #canadianfarmers
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#TBT In 1996, General Mills introduced a new cereal to support American athletes competing in Atlanta, Georgia. The cereal went on to become Team Cheerios and was a favorite with teams everywhere. This package is from 1997! #team #cheerios #cereal #history
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Our Global Health team is always looking for ways to bring wellness into the workday. Over the lunch hour today, the Fitness Center at our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, gave employees the opportunity to get active outside through a skiing and snowshoeing event on our north lawn. #generalmillslife #skiing #sno#snowshoeing #snow
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Happy Valentine’s Day to all the love birds out there! 💕 Tag who you’re Cuckoo for! #happyvalentinesday
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EPIC’s first-ever Impact Journal was released in December. Packed with more than 25 compelling articles and incredible photography - across 112 pages - the publication is an ode to honest food production, regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, positive ecological impact and the many other missions that have driven EPIC since day one. Taylor Collins, co-founder of EPIC Provisions, highlights the many ways the journal celebrates animals, people and the planet, in our latest blog post (click the link in our bio). @epicbar
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For this week’s Farmer Friday, we think the 360 degree view must be pretty spectacular from atop the grain bins. Oat farmer Haley Ostberg thinks so too, in Manitoba, Canada. #far#farmeray #farmer #femalefarmer
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