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The best is yet to come.
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“I am Thunder, son of Mueller” *Thor Voice 😂
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Has anyone seen my arms? 🤔
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Shout out to @gcudanceteam for having such an awesome coach the mastermind behind the all the great performances! Go GK! 👊 #lopesup
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Having a great time at the fiesta bowl parade 😎
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‪Do you really think I wouldn’t turn up in Vegas 🔥‬
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1 hour til game time at Orleans arena 👊 #lopesinvegas
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This team ain’t ready I got the homies wit me💯
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Take a moment to congratulate all of our graduating lopes this month! Good luck graduates! #lopesup 👊
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Can someone get me a puppy for Christmas please and thank you..😭
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Find me around campus for some free hugs for finals😘
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‪Guys I’ll be at @gcbc49 spreading Christmas cheer🔥 take a pic with me post it to twitter or Instagram show it to the barista and get 50% off! #lopesup #gcbc (PS I’ll be here til around 4pm)👌‬
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