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Apparently the NFS cinematic tools have been updated😊 could be some need for speed next👀
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Well well well forza, you have actually pleasantly surprised me😌 #fmchiron
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Ryan Cooper found out what Rocket Bunny was👀
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Is this the only diner in the whole of Need For Speed Payback?🤔
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A more tamed edit😌
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Got some Forza coming tomorrow😉😉 I’ll give you a clue, the car is red👀
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I surprised my self by achieving the look of the car being lit with an external flash, I thought this looks pretty accurate😁😁😁
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Actually learnt some stuff from @yuryraspopov yesterday😁 hopefully be able to incorporate these things I learnt into my work flow loved editing this🤙🏼
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First composite image I’ve made and I feel like I really could take this further with practice😉🤔 let me know what you think🤙🏼
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Wish the wheels reacted to air ride in this game instead of the body just lowering @needforspeed
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Godzilla lurking in the shadows 👀
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Some photos are harder than others😌
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First rolling shot from nfs, jumping on Forza soon😏
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The thing I love about making these, is that I can always see a way to improve for next time By the way there is more to this video but I can’t get it all in one post😞
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Enjoyed shooting with this👌🏼 hopefully get some more content tonight or tomorrow🤙🏼 cinematic tools literally makes nfs photography so fun I could do it all day😈
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Shot with a 350z today, haven’t been on it for a while so you’ll have to give me a sec😉
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I could make a different variation of this car every day and no get bored of it😍👌🏼
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Let’s a little light on the subject😉
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Still practicing🤔😉
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4K quality is absolutely gorgeous😍 i will add a zoomed in image in my story, let know in the comments if your excited to see more cinematic tools images😊 - For awesome digital artwork, head over to @worldcommunityphotosets to have a look at home amazing Forza, Need for speed and gran tourismo images🤙🏼
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First time working in 4K, and with cinematic tools and there is definitely a lot of playing around and practice to be done but here’s the first image, not too much post production, just testing the water 🤙🏼
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Head to head😈 @worldcommunityphotosets for insane digital artworks!🤙🏼
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Shoot with @johnsonm417, such a fun collab and the weather was perfect😍 more shots to come👌🏼 @worldcommunityphotosets
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