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Focus. Movement. Stillness #underwaterworld #cavediving
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فاهمـين أو .. متـفاهمين ؟!
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#bestfriend 🧔🏻❤️🐎 الصديق
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Inspiration has no age limit. Well done Rio & Tia from @teamangelwolf for showing an outstanding amount of courage in today’s #X3Jr triathlon by @xDubai
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Good morning #mydubai صباح الطير
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دور بنات الامارات في خدمة الوطن مصدر للفخر والاعتزاز .. الضابط أول طيار الشيخة موزة بنت مروان آل مكتوم First Officer Sheikha Moza bint Marwan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum
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Some of the very first settlers to the American continent may have lived in these caves more than 10,000 years ago, yet today, these caves are still as marvelous as they were back then. #cavediving #cenote
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Stay tuned for the second part of our cave diving experience!
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A world beneath our world #Cavediving #freediving
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Getting ready...
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