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A second with #Solange 💜 @stuartweitzman
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Lights, Camera, @zendaya 📸
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Reflecting on @fashioninstant’s 2nd year. Flipping through and found this photo I haven’t shared before of #NicoleKidman & #NaomiWatts backstage 🖤
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Reflecting on @fashioninstant’s 2nd year today. This will forever be one of my favorite images. I was backstage shooting a story for @glamourmag with @lcchan and I had less than 60 seconds to photograph a portrait of @jordynwoods - her family next to her beaming with excitement and pride, the show’s producer calling for her to get into the model lineup, it felt exactly how you imagine backstage at a fashion show to be - glamorous and exciting with a bit of anxious energy. I had already taken 3 photos and said “ok last one, what’s the mood?”
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Happy #NewYearsEve everyone! 🥂
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@nelliediamond 💎@hillhousehome 💤
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