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I'm not feeling well today, but I had to surprise my boo boo at parent lunch at his school.
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SILK Wrap for Relax hair! My relaxed ladies, we got you!
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Just like SILK!!! No chemicals used!
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A BOB is always a good idea.
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#FBF I have a file of life experiences I call my faith files. It's filled with times in my life that I thought I would not make it through. Yet, somehow, by the grace of God, I found my way. Whenever I'm facing a new challenge, I like to pull those out to remind myself that my life is greater then me. There's more to the plot twists of life, sometimes you just have to go through it to get to it! SMILE...
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A bob is always a good idea!
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Birthday day hair! No chemicals, just silk. Happy birthday LOVE!
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Nothing like a fresh color & a FAB Silk Press on a Friday!
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Oh Friday, you came so soon! #princesspress
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#tbt in my grandmother's village in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
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#tbt FAB Blondes
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Balayage color retouch on our Beautiful FAB Doll before her trip.
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Signature silk press & FAB Curls
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Being Mal's Aunty has been the greatest joy of my life. Every time I visited California, I would always cry on my way back to houston because I felt so incomplete without my family. Now that I get to see him everyday, my days are sweeter & brighter. He cried when we give him his presents because he is such a sweet little guy. Aunty loves you boo boo. Thank you @sattasjourney and Mal for all the love you guys have bought to my life here in Houston. I can't imagine what I was doing before y'all. 馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝
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Happy Valentine's Day to you our FAB supporters. It's a beautiful thing to make people feel and look good. I love everyone who sits in my chair. Thanks you for allowing me to do what I love! Do what you love, love what you do! Be LOVE! Don't you just love love馃槝馃槝馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏 Photo cred: @905eastfotog
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Our new FAB Doll has the most beautiful hair. I truly loved silking it out. She got our signature silk press treatment and trim.
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馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃檮. I love to laugh at myself. I'm learning I can't take life too serious because everything is subject to change. So, just laugh at your mistakes and keep it moving. Always fun and fitness with @hardcorespin
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We do a variety of color services. Balayage, is our most requested. You can get a customized color just for you with this service. It creates a natural highlights that will look great on curly and straight hair.
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FAB girls always leave feeling like...
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Soft, Silky, bouncing & behaving. No chemicals used, just pure silk.
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So on my way to the gym, I set the goal that I wanna loose 27 pounds by summer (2pounds per week). On my way back home, I kept seeing Shipleys Donuts and they was calling my name. The devil is so real馃槀馃槀馃槀.
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FAB Color & our Signature Silk Press!
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There's nothing like a FAB Signature Silk press blowout!
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