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A lone surfer makes his way in after a sunset ride at Playa Colorado. I was paddling around with him in the water but had to sprint home and grab my camera because I have sunset FOMO 馃槑
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I had the honor of attending my friends Travis and Kelsey鈥檚 beautiful wedding in Nicaragua. I鈥檝e never shot a wedding before, but these two made it so easy to capture their love and the fun we had during the week. We celebrated the wedding in Grenada then spent the rest of the week on the beach in Playa Colorado. Nicaragua was amazing and shooting a wedding was super fun! Full wedding video link in my bio if you wanna check it out! 馃幖: @odesza- Higher Ground
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The beautiful surprises that come after the darkest of storms. I鈥檓 excited to announce I just launched this morning on Amplify Messenger (check my story for details). I鈥檒l be using it as a tool to release additional content, post presets and wallpaper monthly, and be there to answer any questions you have on social media, photography, video, or travel! Seriously ask me anything on there, I鈥檓 here to help and I want to make it the best resource possible for you. I already posted a couple free presets and some wallpaper that you鈥檙e more than welcome to use! Thanks for all the support!
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8AM thousands of feet over the Canadian Rockies and above the morning fog. That鈥檚 my kind of wake up call.
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Nicaragua was such a welcome surprise. The surf was incredible and I ended most days floating right about here recharging from a busy travel schedule.
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I may have been the coldest I鈥檝e ever been the second I took this shot, but standing in Banff overlooking the mountains at sunrise couldn鈥檛 have been more perfect.
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These guys scored front row tickets to the greatest show on Earth
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When the pool meets the beach I think I found my house goals. Running as many laps as I can between the two before the sun sets on another day here in Nicaragua.
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The beachside cafe next door to our house has the best a莽a铆 bowls. I鈥檝e been waking up for sunrise, hopping in the ocean, and relaxing to the best Nicaraguan coffee. Thinking of making this place my morning office for a while 馃槑
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Sunrise in Nicaragua checking out the first waves of the day in front of our house. Life is so enjoyable and slow paced down here. The people are friendly, the food is amazing, and the mellow days are a refreshing change from the California lifestyle. The 90 degree temperature jump from Alberta was a little rough adjustment, but one surf sesh and I鈥檓 aclimating just fine 馃憣馃徎
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Traveling as much as I do I don鈥檛 get to spend as many days at home as I鈥檇 like. There鈥檚 so many beautiful places in the world but Southern California will always hold down the number 1 spot.
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Walking on a frozen river in the canyons of Jasper National Park. Seeing the ice formations and snow falling throughout the rock walls on our @beautifuldestinations trip was so surreal. Alberta sure scored landing both Banff and Jasper!
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