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*clears throat* @aladriennej 👀👀
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Get you a woman who can do both. #iAct 🎬🎬🎬 . . Shot by @tiahendricks
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#Atlanta !! Join me tomorrow at 6:30pm at Clark Atlanta University as I join some other amazing #BossQueens to speak about entrepreneurship! It’s free so come out and soak up this game and let’s BUILD!
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**READ!!!** I wrote this three years ago today! God is waiting on YOU to take the first STEP, the first MOVE, the first JUMP, the first LEAP of FAITH! You have an idea? A business dream? Even a new hobby you want to start? GO DO IT! The major difference between successful people and others is merely the EXECUTION! Another KEY is to surround yourself w/ people who will SUPPORT your vision! #GodsPlan #GO 🙏🏽💪🏽💙
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And there is no ands, ifs, buts or maybes. It was the black woman’s breast milk that even FED the masters baby. 🎬👑
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Bosses don’t have bosses. Loving my @GirlCEOinc Sweater ✈️
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Date night 🖤 #BlackPanther
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When your FRIENDS support your endeavors!! #QueensSeeQueens Have you purchased your copy of my new poetry book #VirallySpeaking ?! Thank you @shayla.love . . #ClickTheLinkInMyBio
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✨Vibes✨ What do you love most about yourself?
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Happy lovers Day to my Lover @mrjaymorrison . You are the epitome of a gentlemen, a great leader, an awesome fiancé and soon to be husband. I’m so grateful for all you do and all of who you are. Looking forward to growing with you every step of our elevation. Love you King 🖤
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Which design do you like best and why?
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I’m on my own island ✨
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Looking for an assistant, graphic designers, web designers, stylist, creative team. Send resumes to GiveEJTheMic@gmail.com
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Thank you to @Essential_Lyfe for this amazing write up and for covering my night of poetry ! #Grateful #ErnestineJohnson #GiveMeTheMic
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She B E L I E V E D ✨
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Thank you to everyone who came out to my night of my poetry at @KatsCafe ! Thank you to @officialgreymusic for having me and @alexanderaperture for capturing the moment ❤️#ErnestineJohnson #GiveMeTheMic
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Tonight is the night!!! We are having real discussions on RELATIONSHIPS and DATING!! Singles and Couples come out tonight! 7pm at the L.OZ Gallery. Get your tix at www.JayAndEJLive.com . . Sponsored by @bomadevodka
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Your relationship with others is a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself! I’ve had many nights where I felt unworthy, undeserving, not good enough, and hopeless! I’ve made many poor decisions and decisions that didn’t reflect my most true elevated self. No relationship with anyone was going to work because I didn’t fully know me, love me, accept me, uplift me, or edify me! I didn’t yet possess the confidence to go after what I truly DESERVED or walk in my POWER. I had to do many things to PREPARE myself for what I said I WANTED! Then BOOM when I was PREPARED and READY God showed me what I NEEDED! Meet us tomorrow night so we can talk about the SELF WORK that has to happen before you can even begin to think about relationship building ❤️ . . www.JayAndEJLive.com for tickets! Sponsored my @bomadevodka
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Make it REAL for me! I’m making #BossMoves all 2018! Strategy strategy strategy! Use my code BOSSEJ10 www.BossMovesPlanners.com . . @bossmovesplanners
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#VirallySpeaking I’m the best! . . . #ClickTheLinkInMyBio 🔥🔥🔥
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