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Erin Lischerelli
I didn't plan on sharing a photo with many people, but after a good doctor's visit yesterday & the release of an amazing video today, why not. They say a scar means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you, & I can honestly say going through this recovery process, the strength I was forced to show has made me a stronger person both physically & mentally. I am proud to say that I conquered something that caused me so much worry & fear for so long, & I can officially move on as a stronger person than I ever was. As for todays release of the #IAMINVINCIBLE lyric video, I cant begin to express how thankful I am to be associated with such a powerful & inspiring song, by my favorite, powerful & inspiring artist, @cassadeepopemusic. This song is so special to me, & will always hold a special place in my heart that nothing will be able to replace..& the fact that it is by Cassadee makes it even more special to me. Thank you Cass for reminding me that I am invincible, & for giving me something to look back on where I can truly say because of those words, I am a stronger person.
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Thank you @teamcassadee & @jayyyy_renee!! 💕
You're welcome!! 💜
Because I love my Mom 😘
12 1d
Happy happy birthday to the one and only @lees_mariee!! Through the ups & downs life's thrown at me the past 10 years, you've stuck by my side through it all and never left, I can't express enough how thankful I am for that, and for life wouldn't be the same without you. 10 years in the books, and a lifetime of friendship to come. I hope you have the best day today, you deserve it! I love you sissy!! 💕🎉🎂🎈
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Awww I love you!!!!❤️❤️❤️
I can't help but to post one more for the day, sitting back and thinking of how amazing last night was..I wanted to say another HUGE thank you to @cassadeepopemusic. Not only did she wish me luck beforehand, but I heard words of encouragement from her each day I was in the hospital and that still means so much to me. Her and her music have given me so much strength on days when I honestly felt like giving up. She helped me so, so much not just with getting through this but in general. You are one of the most caring people I know Cassadee and I am so proud, and so lucky to know you and be your fan. Coming back stronger than ever thanks to you 💪💕 #cassadeepope #youreinvincible thanks for the pic @zoeytaby19_ :)
23 1 3d
#Repost @tris30says ・・・ Best friend goals ⚓️💙 #myanchors
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You're my freaking favorite 💙⚓️
Already missing it 💕 @cassadeepopemusic
12 1 3d
Spontaneous road trip to see @cassadeepopemusic? Thanks mom and dad! I still cant believe I was able to be there tonight with all my friends, SO glad I could make the trip. Ya had me singin and movin so much in my seat I nearly popped a staple 😂 wait that's not funny, but get better and better every time, I swear. Happy to see you, love you Cass! ❤
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Love this so much!
We will go to a show together some day! @erin_lischerelli
When your best friend oovoos you during a concert..forgot I took this @tris30says 😂 looked like you put on quite the show @cassadeepopemusic, as always! Thanks for the shout out, you rule ✌
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😍😍 loved everything about it!
Special thanks to @cassadeepopemusic, this was're amazing!! And to @tris30says for oovooing & makin me feel like I was there, annnnd to @zoeytaby19_ for recording being that I was staring at a blank screen haha, love you guys! 💕 #cassadeepope
17 1 4d
I love you so much, twin!
Here's to 26! Wishing a very happy birthday to the one and only @cassadeepopemusic!! Ya left such an impact on me with your INCREDIBLE voice & personality, and I am so proud to be your fan..I'll never stop supporting you. Wish I could be there to celebrate this weekend, it's gonna be a good one! And I hope you liked your gifts too 😉 Oh yeah, and thanks for making me feel ya! ❤ #happybirthdaycassadee
16 1 5d
#tbt please take me back to this moment ☀🌊
13 2 6d
When you got sun poisoning?
Lol that's a good point @4smashley24, but being that I was sleeping I didn't know it just yet
"To read a book for the first time is to make a new acquaintance; to read it for a second time is to meet an old friend." 📚 #thehungergames #mockingjay Being put to good use @cassadeepopemusic!👌
17 1w
Trusting the process, trusting Him.
10 1w
15 1w
HOMEWARD BOUND! Peacin outta this place today, cant thank my family & friends enough for all the support & positive vibes they've given me the past few days (esp. @cassadeepopemusic 😊) still got a long ways to go but it's a journey well worth taking!
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You're welcome!!
Here through the laughter & tears, wouldn't be able to do this if it weren't for my Momma 😘
18 1w
Excuse my language, but I'm currently kickin this recoveries ass 💪
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Love you <3
Love you too @stephhhleighhh
What a stud 😍 when did he grow up?
11 2w
Today was one of the most memorable days of my life, so thankful I had the opportunity to watch these players who I've idolized for years practice from on the field, then watch them do their thing from the stands ❤ forever a #USWNT fan..way to go champs!! 🇺🇸⚽🏆
34 2w
Oh hey Kling..way to represent Pittsburgh!!🇺🇸⚽❤
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