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[FUN FACTS ABOUT NATIONAL GARBAGE DAY🚮] . According to Greeneration Research, a 10-year nongovernmental organization that follows the issue of waste, one person in Indonesia averages 700 plastic bags per year. . This statement is supported by data from research conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry: . 1. In 2013, non-organic waste accounts for 40 percent of the total waste. In 2017, the amount of non-organic waste increased to 43 percent, while the other 57 percent was organic waste. . 2. In 2013, plastic waste only amounted to 14 percent. Four years ago plastic waste increased to 17 percent or equivalent to 10.35 million tons. Of the total plastic waste, 49 percent of them are plastic bags. . 3. West Java and DKI Jakarta occupy the highest position of waste distribution as a whole. . 4. In 2017, the amount of garbage reaches 65.8 million tons. The amount is projected to 66.5 million tons this year and increased to 67.8 million tons in 2020 and 70.8 tons in 2025. . Source : https://m.cnnindonesia.com/gaya-hidup/20180119202025-282-270298/5-fakta-memprihatinkan-seputar-sampah. . #PeduliSampah #EnvironmentalEngineering #pumaEnv #PresUniv
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[NATIONAL GARBAGE DAY 2018🚮] . You cannot only care about your ex, but not with your garbage. Although it is similar. . Happy Day Care Garbage National 2018 !!💪🏻🚮♻️ - Salam Lestari 🍃- . #PeduliSampah #EnvironmentalEngineering #pumaenv #PresidentUniversity
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[FUN FACTS ABOUT NATIONAL GARBAGE DAY🚮] . Using plastic that looks simple for us right ? Do you know that plastic waste accounted for 14 percent of the total garbage overall? And are you aware that YOU USE 700 PLASTICS every year ?? 😲😲 . This number will continue to increase if you don't have the awareness to change it, guyss. 😢😢 . Let's help our earth (r : grandchild) with your little concern. 💏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. . #peduliaampah #environmentalengineering #PumaEnv #PresUniv
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[FUN FACTS ABOUT CHINESE NEW YEAR🏮] . ✔ It is the world's biggest annual fireworks usage . 👉 No single hour in any other country sees as many tons of fireworks lighted as in China around the midnight beginning Chinese New Year. China produces about 90% of the world's fireworks! . Fireworks are used to scare evil spirits: Most mainland Chinese believe that the flash and bang of firecrackers and fireworks scare away demons and evil ghosts. . GONG XI FA CAI!🎉 . Source : https://chinahighlights.com #happychinesenewyear #pumaenv #environmentalengineering
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[Happy Chnese New Year 2569!!⛩🏮] . May this New Year bring many opportunities to your way, to explore every joy of life. Turning all your dreams into reality.. GONG XI FA CAI!!🎉 . Best regards, PUMA Environmental Engineering . - Salam Lestari! 🍃 - #happychinesenewyear #pumaenv #environmentalengineering
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[FUN FACTS ABOUT CHINESE NEW YEAR🏮] . According to tales and legends, the beginning of Chinese New Year started with the fight against a mythical beast called the "Year". The "Year" looks like an ox with a lion head and inhabits in the sea. At the night of New Year's Eve, the "Year" will come out to harm people, animals, and properties. Later, people found that the "Year" fears the color red, fire, and loud sounds🎆🎇 . Therefore, for self-protection, people formed the habit of posting red Dui Lian in front of their house as well as launching fireworks, and hanging lanterns at year end🏮🎉 . Source: http://www.chinesenewyears.info/chinese-new-year-history.php #happychinesenewyear #pumaenv #environmentalengineering
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Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil, or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods of time during the year, including during the growing season. Water saturation (hydrology) largely determines how the soil develops and the types of plant and animal communities living in and on the soil. Wetlands may support both aquatic and terrestrial species🐘🦒🦍 . The prolonged presence of water creates conditions that favor the growth of specially adapted plants (hydrophytes) and promote the development of characteristic wetland (hydric) soils. . . #WorldWetlandsDay #pumaenv #environmentalengineering
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When compared, the existence of wetlands is like a vein system that connects the entire landscape. Its existence is very important. Without wetlands, the world will be very short of water. Wetlands are sufficient for clean water. With the skyrocketing rate of population, water demand doubled. . Wetlands can also be described as a gigantic sponge that can absorb and store water from very heavy rain, then release it slowly into the surrounding environment. That is why the presence of wetlands can reduce the risk of flooding🌊 .  One example of wetlands in Indonesia is the peat swamp forest in Sebangau National Park. With a total land area of ​​568,700 hectares, this peat swamp forest area in the park is the largest in the world 🌎 When water governance in these wetlands is damaged, problems arise. . #WorldWetlandsDay #pumaenv #environmentalengineering
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Here are the fun facts about it: . Wetlands have many important functions that benefit people and wildlife🐘🦒🦍 . • It provides habitat for a wide variety and number of wildlife and plants🌱🌾 • Filter, clean and store water - in other words, acting like kidneys for other ecosystems or it can suffient clean water💧 • Collect and hold flood waters. • Absorb wind and tidal forces🌬 • Provide places of beauty and many recreational activities🎪🎡 • Give the walfare to the people as drivers of the local economy • Protect from disaster, to reduce damage and loss from disasters, returning lost wetlands and repairing damaged wetlands is one solution🌋🏚 • Carbon storage, can reduce carbon emissions and improve our ability to adapt to climate change, increase biodiversity, water security and human well-being. . #WorldWetlandsDay #pumaenv #environmentalengineering
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WELCOME FEBRUARY🌈 . Let’s welcome this month with full of joy and love. Here are the important dates which will be celebrated by us i.e World Wetlands Day, Chinese New Year and Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional 🎉 . . Regards, - PUMA ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING -
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