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i have had many coffees
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another victim of hair-related violence !!! keep him in your prayers 馃檹馃徎 and ladies please馃憦馃徏remember !!! men only like pussies that look like uncooked chickens, so turn your body into a fuckable bowling lane for dusty men on the internet !!!!
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the other day my sweetest mum phoned to tell me that thinking of me and going bird watching are how she practices self care. i love her so damn much !!!!!
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we are living a calm and relaxed life full of love !!!!!
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@wisebartoronto artist in residence
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temple of the feminine divine
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a contemporary renaissance painting
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i spent 4 days in the wilderness and this is the only bear i saw
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two human people in love
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this one's for my fans
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thank you for letting me drag you across town for pickles
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the men slacklining beside me are not invited to my socialist utopia
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