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@stevendimmitt belaying for @yogicleo1 - with the calmest, most attentive energy imaginable. — Energy I wish I had this week.
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Lately: Gotta find my new comfort zone (normal) so I can outgrow it again.
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compañero de aventura 👌🏻
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Today was 🙃🙃🙃🙃
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Made a point to take some photos of my childhood home last time I was in CT. Then got them printed. Because carrying them with me when I need to helps me feel like I’m still connected to that life. Which is important. — Thanks for the precious candid @kelton.gregory!
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Todays Note to Self: Leave everything and everyone a little better than you found it/them.
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Indecision: Kinda fully embracing the brown tones of central Oregon (while also kinda missing the moody greens of northwestern Washington).
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IF YOU NEED THIS HODGEPODGE OF REMINDERS LIKE I DO: Take it slower. Live intentionally and methodically. Routine is going to save… or rather, salvage you right now. Have purpose and pride. Move your body, write often, set boundaries. Remember you are safe.
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This place is 1hr south of our house. 😱
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Recently had the honor of photographing the very talented/inspiring @sheiladunnart with one of the most badass paintings I’ve ever seen. 🙌🏻🙌🏻
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You’d think that because my butt was there first, or larger, I’d get a higher percentage of the chair. But you’d be wrong. — Photo by @morethanlyme (Chloe)
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