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Criminals beware! You can now face up to 15 years in prison and fines up to US$660,000 for breaking Vietnamese laws protecting endangered species. The increased penalties came into effect on January 1, 2018 through amendments to Vietnam’s penal code, adopted by the National Assembly last year. The code covers a wide range of crimes, including the illegal killing and trafficking of wildlife such as rhinos, elephants, tigers, pangolins, bears. ECF partner, @wildaid and CHANGE, in collaboration with @savetheelephants, have been supporting Vietnam enforcement agencies with new public awareness campaigns and educational seminars in order to spread information about these developments. #illegalkillings #wildlifecrime #Vietnam. Photo: Wild Aid
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Thanks for your amazing support @dou@doutzen! #KnotOnMyPlanet #Repost @doutzen (@get_repost) ・・・ SO Proud to be part of this amazing group of women who are true role models! I hope we can keep inspiring 🖤 @i_d @inezandvinoodh @alastairmckimm @hairbychristiaan @kabukinyc
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The poaching epidemic continues to threaten Africa’s elephants and the only way to end it is through collaboration. The Elephant Crisis Fund supports the best projects and partners in Africa and in ivory consuming nations, to end the ivory crisis. You can join the cause by supporting ECF on the @elbi app. It allows you to give $1 donations to different causes all around the world, including us! Download the app and hit the “Love Button” to show your support for ECF. As a bonus, when you donate, you can win luxury items in the Elbi Love Shop! Go to the Apple Store to download the Elbi app. #Elbi #elephants #poaching @natasupernova
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Meet the amazing Houston yogis helping us save elephants! A huge thank you to Jennifer Yuhas and Madonna McManus who are raising funds for the ECF by offering donation-based yoga classes. Every dollar donated to the ECF goes towards the most effective projects and partners in Africa, and in ivory consuming nations, to end the ivory crisis. If you love elephants and yoga and are in Houston, head to the Brasil Café!  #yoga #elephants #ECF #Repost @@madonnamcmanus (@get_repost) ・・・ Hey Hey Houstonians! How about this true ❄️winter❄️ weather? We’ve decided to postpone our official kick-off to support the @ele@elephantcrisisfund until next Tuesday, January 23 @ 6p. We know you’ll come out in full force next week to support these sweet, gentle creatures. 🐘🖤 So stay in, do a home practice, snuggle and mark your 📆! We’ll see ya next Tuesday hopefully with lots of ☀️! #safetyandsnugglesfirst .. For those of you who have already donated on Venmo, thank you! We will apply this donation to a future flow. 🖤🙏🏻🕊 .. In case you missed it: @jenniferyuhas and I will be co-leading a donation-based Yoga flow to support the @elephantcrisisfund beginning on Tuesday, January 23 at 6p and every Tuesday through February 27 @flatlandgalleryhtx next to @brasilhouston 👍🏻 Hope you can join us!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #flowforacause #yogainaction #seva #service
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We are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of wildlife-trade researcher and geographer Esmond Bradley Martin, who was killed at his home in Nairobi yesterday. A passionate champion of wildlife, meticulous researcher and advocate of the truth, his loss will be deeply felt by his family and all those who knew him. One of the world’s leading ivory trade experts, Esmond has been a long-term ally and has led many investigations for Save The Elephants over the years. His surveys, often conducted with his long-time collaborator Lucy Vigne, shone a powerful spotlight on the wildlife markets around the world that are sucking ivory, rhino horn and countless other African species into their maw. By charting the scale of these markets and tracking fluctuations with rigour and consistency, he provided a solid foundation for action to close them down. On Friday he was in our office, excited to see the Laotian translation of his latest report into Laos' growing trade, and eager to discuss how it could be used to greatest effect. Conservation has lost an important figure, elephants have lost a great champion and the shock of Esmond’s death will be felt around the world. Our deepest condolences to his wife Chrysee, his partners in research, and to his extended family. Photo: @ Save The Elephants
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We are proud to support @natasupernova and her new venture, @elbi, featuring #KnotOnMyPlanet for the Elephant Crisis fund! Her passion for giving back inspired her to create the Elbi platform, which allows users to make fast and convenient $1 micro-donations to charitable causes easily on their phones. In exchange for donations, users earn LoveCoins that are redeemable for items from top luxury brands in the Elbi LoveShop. It's a win win! Spread the love, commit to supporting worthy causes, and download Elbi!
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More great news for elephants! We applaud Hong Kong’s historic decision to ban ivory. The vote comes just one month after China closed its legal domestic ivory market and sends another clear message to the world that the slaughter of elephants for ivory is an abhorrent crime. The ECF and @savetheelephants have been supporting @wildaid's determined efforts over the past five years to create a groundswell of support working with senior legislators in the country. We congratulate the Hong Kong people and lawmakers for helping to push this bill through. Photo: Alex Hofford
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Great news from our partners @africanparksnetwork!
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Great news from Democratic Republic of Congo! Notorious elephant poacher, Rombeau Lunda Ngandu, has been arrested and sent to a military court in Kamina for trial. This was after months of surveillance and investigations by rangers from the Upemba and Kundelungu National Parks, which is managed by Forgotten Parks Foundation and funded by ECF. Rombeau is believed to have commanded poaching gangs and personally killed at least 20 elephants in Katanga. #elephants #poaching #DRC #wildlifecrime #illegalkilling Photo: Forgotten Parks Foundation
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Traffickers beware! Through the use of DNA, intelligence-based forensics devised by scientists are now being implemented to catch wildlife traffickers. This comes as the illegal trade in elephant tusks, rhino horns and lion bones has rapidly increased over the years. #elephant #illegaltrade #ivory #DNA. Photo: Becky Walter
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ECF partner @frankfurt.zoological.society (FZS) reports that elephant poaching in North Luangwa, Zambia, for 2017 looks to have reduced and is closer to 2010/11 levels. However there has recently been an incursion into neighbouring Musalangu GMA where two elephants were shot with a .375 rifle. Follow up investigations and intelligence work is underway but the cartel involved appears to be new to the area with early indications suggesting it could be linked to Malawi. The FZS also reports that the seizure of ivory and trader/poachers has increased in the area in 2017 which can primarily be attributed to high levels of foot patrol coverage and effective intelligence and investigations work by the ECF-funded North Luangwa Conservation Project. #elephants #Zambia #ivory. Photo: Claire Lewis.
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The Niassa National Reserve (RNN) in Mozambique has received another terrible blow to its wildlife population with the loss of 24 elephants to poachers. The elephants were killed in just one week during the Christmas period. 30 tusks and 138 rounds of ammunition for AK-47s were seized by authorities in the village of Mbamba in connection with the killings. No arrests have been made yet but the National Conservation Areas Administration (ANAC) suspect the poachers are of Tanzanian and Burundian origin with Mozambican collaborators. The ECF, in response to the crisis, is supporting the repair of RNN's radio system and additionally, contributing to helicopter costs. #elephants #illegalkillings #poaching  #Mozambique Photo: @therealjunglejane
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