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Whether sweet or savory, our focacce are always a great choice if you're looking for a quick snack or lunch alternative! . . . EAT: Our bakers make these focacce daily from scratch, using traditional techniques to bring you the authentic flavor of Italian flat breads. From the focaccia classica to the focaccia with apples and cinnamon, discover the sweet and savory options at our bakery counter!
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Ravioli are perfect for celebratory dinners in Italy, but why limit yourself, right? Try the beef cheek ravioli any day of the week at La Pizza & La Pasta! . . . EAT: Made from scratch daily at our fresh pasta counter, these little pockets are filled with delicious beef cheek, tossed in a rich butter sauce, and topped with aceto balsamico. Try them with a nice glass (or bottle) of Italian wine, and you're all set to have a meal to remember!
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Did you know that California grows about 80% of all fruits and vegetables in the U.S.? No wonder the largest consumer of water in California is agriculture. Learn more 👇 . . . LEARN: We decided to dedicate our store to water, in an effort to raise awareness about this essential resource. At #EatalyLA, we do our part in helping preserve the environment with our in-house recycling water system, as well as the little things we do everyday to reduce water consumption, like using the correct amount of water when boiling pasta. Tell us how are you helping the environment!
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There's a new addition at our panini counter, L.A.! Discover the Pappa al Pomodoro! . . . EAT: This staple from Toscana is made with tomatoes, garlic, bread, basil, and extra virgin olive oil. This tasty soup is everything you need, if you're looking for a healthy and flavorful lunch alternative. Try it alongside our house made chips or focacce!
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Los Angeles, it's not too late to pick up pastries, chocolates, and flowers for #ValentinesDay! Swing by #EatalyLA and explore romantic gifts for your significant other. . . . SHOP: Italians know a thing or two about #amore, so bring home a piece of Italian romance with artisanal chocolates and pastries from our sweet counters and fresh flowers from our market. And if you want to treat your date to a romantic Italian dinner, stop by one of our restaurants and enjoy delicious regional Italian dishes.
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Happy Valentine's Day, Los Angeles! Celebrate the most romantic day of the year in style! Visit our store to discover @calvisiuscaviarusa and get 30% off all caviar items. . . . SHOP: Just in time for the most romantic day of the year, treat your better half to a prized delicacy straight from Italia! Between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and ask our staff how to serve it on top of pasta, bruschetta, and more! Or simply grab a spoon and enjoy the caviar's pure taste on its own!
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This year, celebrate San Valentino the Italian way! What do we mean? Stop by #EatalyLA, and discover Valentine's Day gifts and activities! . . . EAT.SHOP.LEARN: We want to help you make the most romantic day of the year one to remember! Stop by our pastry counter and bring home artisanal chocolates from  @Venchi1878 or pasticcini from our pastry counter! If you want to have a dinner surrounded by amore, visit one of our restaurants with dedicated offers for all romantic souls.
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On #ValentinesDay, we have espresso for two, you bring the date! Stop by our @caffevergnano1882 counter with your better half on February 14, buy one espresso and get one free for your date! . . . DRINK: Whether you want to start Valentine's Day on a good note, or end your evening on an even better one, choose one of our amazing coffee blends and pick up some artisanal chocolates from our pastry counter to add a sweet kick!
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This Valentine's Day, show your loved ones how much they mean to you with @baciperugina and enter our "Love Note" contest! Learn more 👇 . . . LEARN: Stop by our tasting counter and learn about the nearly 100 years of chocolate making tradition. Enter the "Love Note" contest, write your own romantic fortune, and win Perugina prizes! Ti aspettiamo on February 13 from 12-4 p.m. in the heart of our market!
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Fresh cherry tomatoes, prosciutto di Parma DOP, house-made mozzarella,  and crispy arugula on soft, yet crunchy dough. We're talking about the tricolore! Try it at Pizza alla Pala. . . . EAT: In addition to roman-style pizzas with fresh ingredients from our market, like the tricolore, you can choose between a wide array of pizzas topped with Italian staples, like the capricciosa. There really is a pizza for "ogni gusto" at this counter, so take advantage and enjoy your lunch, just like the Romans do! #EatalyLA
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Italia is full of rituals at the dinner table. One of them is to relax after a meal with a digestivo! Explore our selection of digestives in our wine shop! . . . SHOP: Digestivi, or “digestives” in English, are often in the class of amari, Italian bitters. Amari are made by infusing grape brandy with a blend of herbs, flowers, aromatic roots and bark, citrus peels, and spices. The infused brandy is then sweetened with sugar syrup and aged for a few weeks up to a few years.
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Caviar Day is coming just in time for Valentine's Day, Los Angeles! Swing by #EatalyLA to discover @calvisiuscaviarusa and get 30% off all caviar items on February 14, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.! . . . SHOP: Stop by our store and learn all about Clavisius, a sustainable caviar farm from Lombardia that has been bringing us top-quality caviar since 1977. Today, the company remains dedicated to combining Italian traditions with respect for nature and passion for perfection.
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Los Angeles, we're getting ready to host our next guest at La Scuola in less than two weeks! Join us and Piero Selvaggio, owner of @valentinosantamonica, on February 21, for a unique class about the art of hospitality in Italian culture. . . . LEARN: Born in Sicilia, Piero Selvaggio opened his first restaurant, Valentino, in Santa Monica, when he was only 25. He is immensely proud of his Sicilian heritage and the development of the island, especially his native area of Modica. Check out our class schedule on our website and reserve your spot for a chance to converse with Piero Selvaggio about bringing the food of Italy to the United States and enjoy a curated menu of traditional dishes paired with complimentary wines.
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This weekend, be curious, stop by our Salumi e Formaggi Counter, and get a cheese you've never had before. Have you seen our robiola selection? . . . SHOP: This soft cheese from Piemonte has a smooth, full, tangy flavor and can be enjoyed on its own with just a drizzle of olive oil, or on an elaborate meat and cheese board. Stop by #EatalyLA and ask our cheesemongers about this delicious cheese and how to pair it with your favorite food and wine!
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This Valentine's Day, we have all you need to impress your date! Stop by #EatalyLA, discover artisanal pastries, explore quality Italian wines, and pick up beautiful flowers for your amore! . . . SHOP: Our store is your one-stop-spot when planning San Valentino with your date. In addition to romantic gift ideas, you can have a romantic dinner at one of our restaurants, and don't forget about our Perugina Love Note contest on February 14, between 12-4 p.m.!
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It's National Pizza Day, amici! Stop by #Eat#EatalyLA and celebrate with authentic Neapolitan pizzas, Roman-style pizza alla pala, or both! . . . EAT: There's only one place to celebrate #NationalPizzaDay the proper #EatalyLA! Relax at La Pizza & La Pasta while our friends at @rossonyc create authentic Neapolitan pizza from scratch, or stop by our pizza alla pala counter and enjoy a fluffy, yet crunchy pizza served on a wooden board! Both made with the highest quality ingredients, you really can't go wrong with either one. Our suggestion? Try them both, of course!
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Los Angeles, we have a treat for you! Get to know @harrysberries during the Meet the Farmer event at #EatalyLA this Friday, February 9 between 1-4 p.m.! Learn more 👇 . . . SHOP & LEARN: Harry's Berries are far sweeter, juicier, and more flavorful than commercial strawberries, as no synthetic chemicals are being used. Each berry is picked full-color, with no white shoulders or orange hue, at its perfect degree of ripeness. This Friday, come say hi and try them in our market!
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We've got the get the date! Discover romantic chocolate boxes from @venchi1878 and share them with your significant other! . . . SHOP: In addition to our chocolate boxes, treat your loved one to artisanal pasticcini from our pastry counter, or build your own gift bag with an assortment of chocolates from our Venchi counter! And remember, it's not a true romantic celebration without some wine (or bubbles), so make sure to stop by our wine shop!
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We know that tailgate season is over, but grilling season has just begun if you ask us! Stop by our butcher's counter and find all the cuts for your next cookout! . . . SHOP: From a wide array of sausages to steaks and ground meats, our Macelleria is the right place if you're looking for quality meats to fire on your grill. Next thing you need to do is visit our wine shop and find the right beers to serve your guests. Oh, and don't forget to check out our market for sides and appetizers!
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We're a little over a week away from the most romantic day of the year, so make sure you treat your significant other with quality pastries from our pastry counter! . . . SHOP: Whether you're thinking of small assorted pasticcini or want to go all out with artisanal cakes, our pastry counter has all the sweet treats you need to make Valentine's Day perfect. Oh, and don't fotget to bring home a quality dessert wine from our wine shop!
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Our rotisserie counter is the right place if you're looking for a lunch plate with variety on it! Discover the meat of the day and delicious in-season sides. . . . EAT & SHOP: Whether you want to enjoy it on the spot or take back with you to the office, we'll prepare a lunch plate with top-quality carved meats and delicious sides made with fresh ingredients. And if you're in a particular hurry, make sure to get a panino!
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Valentine's Day is coming up, ladies and gentlemen! The question is how are you going to impress your date? Come to La Pizza & La Pasta and enjoy a fantastic evening at the beat of delicious Italian regional food! . . . EAT: From traditional pasta dishes that would make every Italian nonna proud, to authentic Neapolitan pizza from @rossonyc, La Pizza & La Pasta is the perfect place to enjoy quality food and drinks in a relaxed, welcoming, and romantic environment. What's your favorite item on the menu?
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This Saturday, treat yourself to something special. Come to Il Pesce Cucina and enjoy our oyster appetizer platter! . . . EAT: Our oysters, just like all of our seafood is freshly caught daily and brought to our store straight from the dock, which ensures you get the best tasting seafood California has to offer. Now all you're left to do is order a glass of wine (we like our oysters with rosè), and you're all set to enjoy your weekend!
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Los Angeles, do you recognize this tool and what's used for? Little hint: have you ever heard of gnocchi or garganelli? . . . LEARN: In Italy we call this tool "rigagnocchi", and it is a rolling board used to shape gnocchi and pastas. Gently pressing the dough on the surface, this small board not only helps you shape, but it also creates little patterns on your finished gnocchi or pasta which helps trap sauces. Check out La Scuola class schedule to learn how to use this and many other skills in your own kitchen!
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