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laguna lovers
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how to: stay warm in freezing temperatures
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desert life
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Vegas Baby! 馃
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miles & miles of mountain reflections
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waking up to this view makes driving through the night & taking a two hour nap in a car completely worth it
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a place with miniature versions of the worlds landmarks? sign me up.
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yesterday on the way to vegas we had to drive through the worst snow storm of the year. it was definitely the worst drive of my life & we passed more stranded people with their cars slid off the road than i ever thought possible. (somehow?) we didnt end up off the road and made it safely to vegas! off to our next location -
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fairly positive the producers sent her home because she was obviously too good for @ariejr and it made the show seem too unrealistic. #thebachelor
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rolling around on the station floor 馃槶馃槏
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freezing temperature dont stop them from playing in the lake in february 馃槏
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