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They said getem rip iggady. The whole clip on @youtube
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Ay my next girl going to be fluffy my folks say i can’t call her that though. What y’all think 🤔 😂😂
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Was in a good mood until i left the house. But it’s all good. #yolaneisyolone coming soon
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woke up to uh nuh challenge #doinbadchallenge @omb_peezy. see folks dont know he one of the few niggas thats going to last in this shit cause the nigga from the streets and got concept and he fucking with the right people. salute #dregetem #yolaneisyolane video coming soon
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just keep on goin and never ever showem that you tired i aint lyin stay focused on the grind dog. new music video coming soon. #yolaneisyolone #getem #dregetem
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streetcode i dont know where you hear that. and these niggas run their mouths like some hos they so wack
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shit just real but its cool cause i spoke to my employer, who is going to help me to become a partner and we're going to get it but im still hurt and pissed. i could be doing some stupid but im just going to put how i feel in music. i appreciate all the love ive been getting fr. so salute to the whole Va And A. Southside to be exact. we're going to get it. fuck a hater and fuck NOT being consistent bitch cause im persistent. getem
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pull up to ya mama house im serving erbody.everytime i leave the house boy im bout to make a proft @skimoe_black_terrific made the beat
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please go view my video link is in my bio leave a like and a comment and feel free to share
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#tbt late but on time
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My boy going up 💯💯@slimesito @djsmallzeyes
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@dregetem the devil in my way real close he in my face but my Patna love sticks and he got some ima spray you lil bitch..🔥🔥🔥
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