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These tracks absolutely ROCKED more than ever before. Such a strong groove and edge like never before. Love love love it.
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So much fun playing such a wonderful showroom with such an amazing group of unbelievable musicians and great guys. Can’t wait to do it all again next year.
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At the meet & greet tonight a lady wanted me to take a photo with her grandsons Cookie Monster. How could I say no.
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Photo right after original press conference before our first show at the Venetian in Las Vegas. photo credit Jason Powell
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Tommy and I “TAKING IT EASY” at the Venetian during our residency. Only 3 shows left. Having too much fun.
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Well at least Snoopy has it right.
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@STYXtheBand & @donfelder return in 2018...had a blast with these guys, will be good to see everyone. Great songs, Great guys, Great show
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A great friend posted this and I had totally forget telling her this. I guess good things do wash up on you shore after all. Thank you Callie
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So much talent and fun on the United We Rock tour. Hopefully more to come in 2018. 👍👍👍
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