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Well at least Snoopy has it right.
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@STYXtheBand & @donfelder return in 2018...had a blast with these guys, will be good to see everyone. Great songs, Great guys, Great show
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A great friend posted this and I had totally forget telling her this. I guess good things do wash up on you shore after all. Thank you Callie
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So much talent and fun on the United We Rock tour. Hopefully more to come in 2018. 👍👍👍
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The absolute “BEST IN THE BUSINESS” when it comes to guitar techs and people. Thank you all for a magnificent United We Rock Tour.
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Had such a great time at this show last night. Amazing crowd and this fan photo says it all.....
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Pre-show selfie last night in Newport, RI. Such a great crowd and beautiful gig.
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A shot from the Ernie Ball video shoot I did a few months ago. In the Village Records in Santa Monica, CA. Love this studio and the people that work there.
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Such a great shot from our show in Austin. I love that city and the crowd ROARED!!!!
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