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Practice makes perfect 💯 For 1 on 1 coaching click link in @dominicolai bio
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I take Creatine year round for a couple reasons, specifically @1upnutrition Pure Rebuild. Creatine can provide additional ATP energy, which improves exercise performance. Secondly it can help stimulate biological processes that lead to increased muscle growth and size. If you’re not currently using Creatine consider giving it a try! #1upnutrition 💰 Code DOM
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Want more vascularity? Eat more carbs, drink more water, and make sure you’re getting the right amount of sodium ✅ ‘Savage’ Tank by @strongliftwear
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Be a little better than the day before, that’s what counts 👌🏼Full outfit by the best menswear out there, @fathersons_
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There’s no reason for excessive bodyfat when trying to gain muscle! Take it from will make it much easier for you to shed the fat and retain maximum muscle when in a deficit if you don’t have much bodyfat to start with ✅
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Timing is Everything.. (5’10,195lbs) For 1 on 1 coaching click link in my bio 👊🏼 - Bulk or Cut - Meal by meal or Daily Macronutrient Target, Format. - 24/7 Support with ME - Men/Women - Vegan/Vegetarian Diets available upon request
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One of the best movements for Triceps in my Opinion! Overhead Triceps Extensions..has my @1upnutrition BCAAs with me to help power through my workout and reduce fatigue. #1upnutrition 💰 Code “DOM”
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Have a great Saturday 😀 Nothing better than the feeling of a proper fitting set of clothes! Shirt & Jeans by @fathersons_ 🔥
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Get after it 👊🏼 Starting my day off with a solid workout and some @1upnutrition 1Up Preworkout. When I take it I notice a couple of things. It helps to improve my workout performance/efficiency and increase concentration/focus at the gym. This is one supplement I don’t go without 💪🏼 #1upnutrition Code “DOM”
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Left or Right? 🤨
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Candid 📷Arm day today 💪🏼Wearing @strongliftwear
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Ideal physique?.. or nah :/
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