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Holding on to as much muscle fullness as I can 👊🏼. . . I take 1/2-1 Scoop of @1upnutrition Pure Rebuild (Multi sourced creatine & vegan L glutamine)before my workouts to help my muscles retain more of their fullness/shape. - 💰#1upnutrition Code DOM
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Use this exercise as a burnout at the end of each set during a chest workout! 🔥 - Need some guidance? Click link in @dominicolai Bio to Start your Journey Today 👊🏼
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When taking supplements it’s important to change up your regimen and try something new. Lately I’ve been halfing the serving size of my @1upnutrition 1UP in order to try and prevent my body from getting used to the stimulants, ingredients. Try for yourself and let me know what you think 👍🏼 (#1upnutrition Code DOM)
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Loving the way I’ve been looking/feeling lately 💯 Not stopping!. . . Fully kitted out in @strongliftwear
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Body was on point so I had to sacrifice the facial aesthetics 😋 - Want me to coach you? 👇🏼 Go to Or click the link in Bio @dominicolai⬅️
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What do you think it felt like? 🤔
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Express yourself 👁... #Tip - Working out makes all your clothes look better ;) - Pants: @fathersons_ (Code DOM) Shirt: Guess Shoes: Toms
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New Favorite way to work Triceps 🔥 - Remember, don’t starve your body and not eat any carbs throughout the day. It’s what our bodies were meant to run off of!! Let me show you how to get shredded and still eat plenty of carbs while doing it 👊🏼 Link in Bio ➡️ @dominicolai ⬅️
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Lack of sodium from a generally cleaner diet when Cutting can lead to flatter muscles that are holding less water. For this reason I supplement with @1upnutrition Pure Rebuild (Creatine/Glutamine combo). The multi sourced creatine helps me to push water back into the muscle giving me a fuller appearance and more endurance during my workouts. - 💰 #1upnutrition Code DOM
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Seated Rows! 🔥 This has been my go to workout to increase the depth in my back. I prefer this exercise over bent Barbell rows because it’s safer and gets a better contraction in my Mid back. - 🚨 Now offering Personalized Online Coaching programs! Become my client today and enjoy the benefits of 1 on 1 coaching with me! Link in Bio ➡️ @dominicolai ⬅️
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When doing Dips I like to change up the angle at which I perform them. Leaning forward into the movement will put more of an emphasis on using your shoulders, while staying in a vertical position will put more of an emphasis on your triceps. - Tank by @strongliftwear 🔥 - Give this a try for yourself to see if you notice a difference! ✅
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You don’t have to be on a diet in order for BCAAs to be Beneficial. I take @1upnutrition BCAAs year round, and here’s why - BCAAs trigger protein synthesis and inhibit the breakdown of muscle cells - Aids in muscle and energy production during exercise - Improves glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity. With that in mind you can see why it’s a powerful supplement to keep in your arsenal 💪🏼 . . . - 💰#1upnutrition Code: DOM
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