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Philippians 4:13 Mom / Wife / Host / Actress / Endorser / Digital influencer / Entrepreneur
Yes HE IS! ❤️💫🙏
2298 13 12h
God is miracle. He gave me my son. 👶🏼
When you have friends who have hearts made of gold and pixie dust 😍😘 Maraming maraming Salamat Gel, Jules and Danix sa pagsurpresa sa Mga Cancer Warriors of Lipa 😘😍 sobrang pinasaya nyo sila ❤️ P.s. Salamat sa aking kapatid @bamromana for helping us set this up in Casa De Segunda today and Sa aming Mama Gie for cooking Pansit and Asado para sa lahat 💖 Labkokayo #ABCDtravelography #ABCDfunventures #BCDtravels @therealangellocsin @montesjulia08 @danix8
2877 22 16h
Casa de Segunda
@kathford25 wag mong gamitin ang name ni kath Kung sisiraan mo Lang siya
Godbless bless both of you i salute you kasi yung happiness na naibibigay nyo sa mga bata hndi matutumbasan ang kahit anung bagay i salute both of you WLYSM
Tomorrow Po for Magandang Buhay! 😘 with my daughter Callie and Alonzo 😍😘
2828 9 16h
Balay Dako
@dimplesromana Hi Ms. Dimples, I like your top, it's so nice. May I know the brand? Thanks!😊
Mas maganda siya kesa ki sarah ko @kriztina30 😜😜😜
Celebrating life and friendship @thefarmatsanbenito @therealangellocsin @danix8 @callieahmee @montesjulia08 #ABCDfunventures #ABCDtravelography #BCDtravels
6947 26 1d
The Farm At San Benito Lipa Batangas
how much po accomodation? @thefarmatsanbenito
Kath meron uling post hehehe mmya like mo na naman noh....😜😛 @bernardokath
#Repost @therealangellocsin Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun😊 Thanks @danix8 for capturing this moment!😙 Thanks Ms. Nina Ricci for making sure our stay is memorable! :) @dimplesromana @montesjulia08 #ABCDfunventures #ABCDtravelography #BCDtravels
4322 8 1d
The Farm At San Benito Lipa Batangas
Wow! Friendship goal. Ang sarap maging friend siguro c baby Julia. 😍👸🏼
My joy and strength 😘 @callieahmee #AlonzoRomeoJose @thefarmatsanbenito #ABCDfunventures #BCDtravels #ABCDtravelography
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The Farm At San Benito Lipa Batangas
Ms dimples your son is sooo adorable, he is sooo cute. 😊
kamukha ni hubby si alonzo 😊 cute
@thefarmatsanbenito 😍😘 #ABCDtravelography #ABCDfunventures #BCDtravels #dimpsmommytips #dimpstips
2205 1 1d
The Farm At San Benito Lipa Batangas
Welcome po sa aming probinsya!
How fun for my two kids! 😘 love this swim onesie from @totsandtoddlers 😍😘 with matching swim cap pa! #dimpstips #dimpsmommytips #ABCDtravelography #ABCDfunventures #BCDtravels
2698 2 1d
The Farm At San Benito Lipa Batangas
Ang cute nilang magkapatid.ü
Gwapo ni alonzo 👍💚
We miss you dad! @boyetahmee 😘 #ABCDtravelography #ABCDfunventures #BCDtravels #AlonzoRomeoJose @callieahmee
3642 6 1d
The Farm At San Benito Lipa Batangas
My gossssh!!! Im sure mas matangkad na sakin si @callieahmee grabe ang haba ng legs 😍😍😍
Those legs 😍 @callieahmee @dimplesromana
Sunday loving 😍😘 #AlonzoRomeoJose @callieahmee #ABCDfunventures #ABCDtravelography #BCDtravels
3292 8 1d
Ang cute nilang pagmasdan....
#mompreneur #entrepmom duties 🎉 just finished uploading on @azurestaymanila the updated BOOKING calendars for July, August, September and October 💝 all priced at 3,988 pesos only for overnight stay of maximum of 4 guests 💋 #staycation #azurestaymanila #familybonding #barkadareunion #barkadagetaway #anniv #monthsary #giftstaycationforparents #birthdaystaycations
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@prettylady123456 hi! Kindly email us at now so we may be able to help u with your December booking ❤️
love your feed! Please DM our official account @barbasandzacari if you'd like to collaborate with us
Good seeing everyone at the Philippine Dental Association 107th Convention at the SMX convention center 😀 here with @gaocdental big boss @drstevemarkgan who graciously introduced me to everyone! Thanks for having me my GAOC family! 😄
744 1 2d
@ranzmora13s_ kala ku sana ika tang lalaki
Been keeping this sweet note that came with the flowers sent to my home the morning after the MMK Ina episode came out. I was Leni Robredo. And what a great honor it was for me. 🙏💐 she didn't have to send me anything but she still did- Like any thoughtful mother would. Thank you po ❤️ Leni is my VP 😘🙏
1918 7 3d
Looooove this Latex Waist Cincher from @ph_glamourandform 😍 not only does it help me in reducing my waist size, it gives good back and posture support! Momma!!! You need this! 👍😁 #dimpstips #dimpsmommytips
1250 27 3d
@ph_glamourandform hm po? May sizes ba? Thanks.
I have one by Lycra-miss waisted loved mine
Expect miracles everyday 🙏😍😘 happy weekend everyone!
1746 14 3d
@pinkypauee friend, don't lose hope. Be patient and keep waiting on the Lord 😊
Thank you so much Sir Vic for your patience with Alonzo 😂👍🙏 and for sharing your expertise on hard part and pompadour #Repost @talasmanilenyo with @repostapp. ・・・ We start them young!
2510 18 3d
Pa-pinch naman ng chubby cheeks mo, Alonzo!! 😍
Oooh wag gagalaw baka magupit tenga mo bebe..... guapo muaaah✂🚼
Mommy and the little Manilenyo 😍 #AlonzoRomeoJose #ABCDfunventures
7984 95 3d
Talas Manileño Barbershop
Cute nman baby alonzo..
Super gwapo
Before the haircut of this cutie 😍😁 #ABCDfunventures #AlonzoRomeoJose
3113 12 3d
Talas Manileño Barbershop
Cutee little boy..😍😚
Too cute to handle! 😊
Mommy duties for today 💋🌸😁 someone got a new do! 😂😘 #ABCDfunventures @callieahmee #AlonzoRomeoJose
3623 9 3d
Talas Manileño Barbershop
Beautiful Ahmee smiles 😊😊😊😊
Ang gwspo ni alonzo.. Ang cute
My mama Gie is the best! 🌸 #dimpskitchen I always love having my mama in the kitchen. Sobrang sarap magluto! Kapampangan cooking at its best! 💐
3478 41 4d
Syempre kpampanga tayo eh... kya the best tlga
I like the bagoong wid kalamsi but not the Sunog na pork chop. That dark thing when ingested can cause C.