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The best week ever in LA🔥 I still feel like it was a dream. I do appreciate your hospitality, understanding and warm support. Thank you @theellenshow 대본이 하나도 없던 엘렌쇼. 짜여진 방송이 아닌 정말 '쇼'였다! 너무나 멋진 스튜디오에서, 너무나 좋은 사람들과 꿈에서조차 경험 할 수 없는 최고의 경험을 했다.
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My gift for Ellen 🎨
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Thank you so much @theellenshow 💙. +Look at my instagram story👀
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10/16/2017 Today on Ellen! ❤️#Repost Makeup artist Dain Yoon came a long way to show me her face. @theellenshow
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Turn your phone upside down 🙃#해피추석 ____________________________ It's a real painting and not photoshopped. inspired by Adele's upside-down face
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fade out 🌺🌫 ____________________________ It's a real painting and not photoshopped.
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I felt like i became a Russian doll ____________________________ It's a real painting and not photoshopped.
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Matildain 🕊
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My new work runs on almost every TV news, magazine and press in the world including NBC, RTL, @Mashable, @Buzzfeed, @Allure, @Cosmopolitan, @GlamourMag, @TeenVogue,@BoredPanda, @Yahoo, @Metro, @HuffPost, @TodayShow, @MTV, @PopSugar, @PedestrianTV, @Metdaan, @Bustle, @NowThisNews, @TribunNews, @IndianExpress etc. So called 'internet breaking girl' catched my mind. 👩🏻💋
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Say hi🖐🏻 to Dain1, Dain2, Dain3, Dain4... painted all by myself @designdain 🎨
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Let my hair grow here 머리가 자란다 painted all by myself @designdain
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Thank you for all the superb birthday wishes🎈I felt elated when I saw the grandma from neighborhood smiled so big after seeing my painting though there was also a baby crying...
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