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Momma always say "Thank God EVERYDAY, cause statistics say we don't suppose to be here!" 💯#815 Memo™
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The 🐐, appreciate you always keeping it 💯 with me! Forever rivals 😂 but always love and respect! Keep ballin and on top! #A1Family
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Salute to my dawg @joemainmixon Much respect my boy! Keep ballin and always stay 💯
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high demand/100%
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Everyday thanking the Lord, for blessing me when it was hard and protecting me when it was dark. #Godspeed •815™ •Memo™
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Lord, please give me guidance and strength to handle all this weigh on my shoulders. Please God, enlighten my vision so I can see things I suppose to! •Memo™ •815
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V I V I D ❗️Memo™
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GOAT! Memo™ #KnowledgeIsPower
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designer on me tha wavvy •Memo™ •815
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Remind yourself, nobody’s built like you. You design yourself. 1love❗️•Memo™ #TwoGAboys
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