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For whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. -Galatians 6:7 #memo™ GODSPEED #815
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I cheated on my FEARS.. I broke up with my DOUBTS.. Got engaged with my FAITH.. Now I'm marryin' my DREAMS! 💎💯#815 Memo™
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Stay tuned... ⏱ 1/2
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Beat the odds, do numbers, and REMAIN humble. •815 •Memo™ #LikeMike.. 😛 (MJ)
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udigg ➿
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ROLLinPEACE ☮️ Appreciate the love @sterlingbmw 💯
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Out in Beverly Hills, i adapt. - Future #NoCap
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My foundation built on loyalty #1of1 #beatsbydre •Godspeed •815 •Memo
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LEGEND ISHH ❄️💯 Respect! ✊🏾#Htown
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"Remember statistics say we don't suppose to be here.. you WORKED for this, you DESERVE this.. so LIVE it" - Love ya ma duke! 💯 (Life, I wouldn't understand if it wasn't for my momma!) #815 Memo™
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Been thru the mud in my Maison Margielas.. #815 Memo™
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You stay down and grind for long, it’s gon' show.. 💯 #815 Memo™ #LikeMike 😛🏈
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