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rawr xd
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then along came autumn and she taught us how to fall,
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My new movie Rip Tide is out. It's about how social media can make you want to go literally as far from your life as possible. It's about grief, profound lingering grief and how, even though we're all healing from different things, none of us has to heal alone. It's about the family you have and the family you make. It's about letting the ocean wash over you and run through you. It's about identity, doing things that scare you, understanding your past and defining your own future Go see it, Australia. Tag someone to watch it with
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happy birthday, angel babe. I love to lol with you, hear your heart out, and also when we put on our matching jackets and smolder This is a @colesprouse film image entitled Haim (2017)
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You ever been like that? Where you caught the beat then the beat caught you?
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Pre-production for Insatiable on Netflix has begun ✨🖤
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More! Time! With! Family! 2k17! My dad was my first hero and I got to listen to his wisdom and catch up and laugh with him today. He's driving hella supplies down to folks on the Texas coast because he's a prince. Meanwhile, I get time with my mom this week (my first and truest queen) before beginning my Netflix Actor life. But pls scroll bc these are from my trip to visit my brother Chase (my first best friend) and Sarah (my first sister!) on their anniversary trip. They're tender hearts and Scrabble lords and a sleepaway camp for grown-ups
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Happy anniversary, Charah You guys make staying in love look even more magical than falling in love; xx
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got board
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when ya girl knows her angles
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I'm double jointed okay idk what to tell you
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you: "I'd like to speak with the man in charge" me: cc: @aliceandolivia @ashthepilgrim
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