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Home is where the litterbox is. Home is where you take your makeup off. Home is where the leftovers are
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Let’s hang out in LA and take care of ourselves and get stronger and help the beautiful people of @fshsociety. Seriously changing lives that’re so deep in my heart. Enter to hang; enter to help ✨ cc: @aloyoga @shapehouse @omazeworld
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Ayo Instagram. I want to fly YOU and a friend to my favourite spots in LA for an incredible self-care day, feat. private yoga and infrared spa bed session all to support the FSH Society. 😻💪✨ They’re so close to a cure and you are I are so close to a hang! For your chance, enter in my bio:
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working girl, flu kid
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manic depression is hard to explain and harder to reason with but it does make me so much more thankful for the moments of deep happiness and freedom ✨I experience peace like a rushing of calm, not just the absense of anxiety, and citylights sparkle to me like constellations of land stars and on days when I’m impossibly unexplainably blue, I can flip through my joys like a sensory photo album and remember that I’m really lucky that I can feel at all
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Do it by hand, fam. @revolvingstyle does More art 2k18 Analog art 2k18 Messy art 2k18 New art 2k18 More of the art you like 2k18 Weird art 2k18 More fun 2k18 Play play play 2k18
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The Monday after that Sunday. Thankful to wake up in a world that’s boldly and rapidly turning more ears to the disenfranchised or silenced or written off. Thankful to go to work this morning in an industry hellbent on telling their stories, telling all stories, and employing the best storytellers to do so. Thankful to be on a set today led by people fit to tell the stories there didn’t seem room for when we started this journey. The bold and tender, the spectrum of sexualities, genders, belief systems, ethnicities, nationalities and cultures, abilities and disabilities, addictions and disorders and fears and experiences represented on and off screen to create this moving mosaic of storytellers storytelling. For you. For us. For a world where everyone will see themselves on screen... not only in one storyline or actor or project. Every texture and color and broken piece of something lost and shine of something beautiful can be found in the work we’re making, in the new Industry, the post-2018 Golden Globes Industry, so slowly this will become a world where everyone can look around and collect all the pieces that make up the mosaic of them.
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This l*gan p*ul shit is so angering and I wish it was more surprising. We’re all dumb sometimes. Short-sighted, young, figuring it out, and anyone with lots of people watching is under extra pressure. The mistakes I’ve made push me to live with such intention to honor the grace I’ve been given and move forward, never going back there. But can we please stop glorifying remorselessly irresponsible people? I understand talking about it; it’s an important conversation, I think. It’s uncomfortable at best and deeply triggering at worst, and not just for those of us who’ve been convinced by volatile depression and dissociation to engage in selfish, hopeless behavior. But this kid’s gotten tens of thousands of NEW subscribers SINCE this controversy. That’s problematic. Rewarding these monsters with money, support, and making them famous. Glamorizing social recklessness and being surprised when their addiction to shock factor crosses lines. We’re so quick to justify and defend and shield ignorant straight white dudes with cameras & loud voices from consequences, while nitpicking marginalized voices into unrealistic accountability. That 👏🏽silences 👏🏿the voices👏🏼 we need 👏🏾 right now. Sharing opinions, spreading information and desperate education is so so important in 2018, for the youth and for the government. For the future and to honor the strides we’ve made. And when you have a big platform, IGNORANCE IS ACTUAL MALICE. Idk why I put this on a picture of me I didn’t have anything else I wanted to say except this rant so /rant
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we’re the same breed of Slightly Off because we’re best friends and he’s my only sibling and we’re fraternal (he’s two years older) but we’re the same guy
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Whole squad out here celebrating each other’s healing and encouraging self-love
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“More important than what black dresses might be worn is WHY we are wearing them. May the press have sense enough to focus the conversation around just that.” -Tessa Thompson #TimesUp #whywewearblack
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I missed @kristin_ess and @chrishoran20 and Palm Springs and the whole @wearestarfoxy gang. Cover Versions is gonna be such a fun film to watch in a theatre!
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