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Don’t take me shopping unless it’s for groceries(≧∇≦)
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Did the litterbox this morning before work and checked with my heart. Confirmed: not interested in immediate motherhood
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happy two years, emma and jon. Thanks for trusting me as your maid of honor; I️ don’t know a lot about weddings but I️ love to celebrate love, and y’all’s is as magic as it gets. It truly was the best day ever, and the best is still to come ✨
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It’s nice to have sunbeams and it’s nice to have seasons. It’s nice to have forgiveness and give forgiveness and experience redemption. We’re not owed anything and nothing is ours, once we’re gone, sooooo it’s nice to be responsible and fun with the things we’re up to right now anyway hope you had a good weekend Monday will be fine don’t be scared
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Crisp autumn dewdrops ALSO HOW IS IT NOVEMBER OF 2017 what do you mean
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and chill?
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when @carahfaye shoots the music video for Gold Plated and you crash the shoot to show her memes but good news is it’s out now!
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ran into some structural issues
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Looking for a single meme funny enough to keep me from deleting my Twitter and getting a flip phone
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who is she
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