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Dakota Kirkham SHS🏹 | child of the King † | CDP ←←Mat. 5:14-16 →→
Big thank you to my best friend...Kim's dad this made my morning🎉
29 1 1 4d
From prom date to best friend status
Her favorite disk🌀 #discgolf
25 1 6d
Our dysfunctional family. I have enjoyed this past so much there's no comparison. All of the laughs and inside jokes; it's been real guys and I don't want it to end. I'm so glad I auditioned to be a singer because it has been the best. I have found people that care about music even more than I do and made life long life long friends. I love you all so much, the love will never run out❤️😭
28 2 7 1w
Saraland Highschool Performing Arts Center
Aw, I love u dakoto! 💜😬😂 I like your pun. 😅
Much love💘💘💘💘
#MCM you're alright ig💕
38 3 1 2w
Don't even say that you are completely GORGEOUS😍 @kd.shereen
I just saw this but thank you, I can say the same about you! ❤️
Wish us luck🏹
29 3 4 3w
It's her multiple personalities showing {we attempted to face swap} @slhamill
@slhamill and she chose this one
Still huntin that perfect shell🐚
30 3 1 1 month ago
Perdido Pass
I don't tan I burn @dadadadadadamion
I already burnt🙃
Great start to my spring break and a nice end to yours🌥 (btw, your not that bad)
18 2 1 1 month ago
Awe thank you baby😘
Yw bb 😚 @chadleyperkins
We looked pretty darn good if I say so myself✨
36 1 1 1 month ago
#nationalpuppyday shh don't tell her she's adopted
27 1 1 month ago
💜thank you for being my date, and my boyfriend. You look fine🔥
48 1 1 1 month ago
Two of my favorite people in the world. Dakota, you look gorgeous. And Chadley is looking sharp.
We got a new member of the family. She is perfect💓
34 2 1 month ago
Saraland Animal Shelter
I'm so glad you adopted and didn't buy. ❤️ plus this pup is adorable!
I know she is the sweetest!! @kd.shereen
Look who I found from honor choir. Ya did great dude, fellow panda lovers unite!
25 1 1 month ago
"Sister my sisters" It was wonderful sitting by y'all the past two days we had a good time and wonderful show🎶💜
29 2 2 1 month ago
@dacoco.nut It was a lot of fun sitting next to you! 😃
miss you already, love 😭💕
Memory of Corbett who wondered off from the group got kidnapped by a ghost and taken to a birthday party where he was killed by the ghost. Season 3 episode 13 February 29th #supernatural
16 3/1/2016
I know I'm awkward; thank you for taking one for the team🎳 Photo cred/ design: kim
44 5 2 2/16/2016
Don't patronize me...
I've thought of many a prom requests in my day, but @dakota.nut I think this one trumps them all. Does my heart good to see two of my favorite people happy
Had a perfect day with my Valentine🌹💝🍴
35 1 2/15/2016
Happy Valentine's Day!💖
29 1 2/14/2016
It's not just any Tuesday🎭
26 2/10/2016
Mardi Gras - Downtown, Mobile
18 2/9/2016
My people👌🏻
36 1 2/8/2016
Lucedale, Miss