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Dakota Kirkham SHS🏹 | child of the King † | CDP ←←Mat. 5:14-16 →→
It's not just any Tuesday🎭
24 3d
Mardi Gras - Downtown, Mobile
18 4d
My people👌🏻
34 1 5d
Lucedale, Miss
My #mcm thank you for putting up with me and spoiling me, you tell me I look beautiful even at my worst and I can't tell you how much that means to me. Thank you for everything💖
23 1 1 1w
Aww you're welcome baby 😘
Well I did! And had a wonderful time doing it
21 3 3 2w
Same here!!!! @hannahnmiller03
I forgot to comment 2 weeks ago:( I had so much fun getting to know you!
S/O to the best director; Tucker Biddlecomb #honorchoir
18 5 3w
Honor choir was a blast, met a lot of wonderful people that I'm going to miss🎶💛
22 6 3w
Montgomery, Alabama
While you kids are in school🎶
23 3 3w
Toby Mac💛
21 3w
My first little Olaf⛄️ thanks for your help❄️
30 2 1 3w
Cades Cove
Wish I could be there @dacoco.nut
We wish u could be here too @spartan_nation_12
SNOW🌨 seeing snow for the first time is magical✨
22 1 3w
Cades Cove
25 3w
Top Of The World
Selfie with my girl at the top of the mountain🌎
29 3w
24 1 month ago
Had a good game of monopoly💰 happy sweet 17 gorgeous💗
19 1 1 1 month ago
Thank you my love!
☕️ you're my cup of chocolate
26 1 1 month ago
Ready to ring in the new year with you🔔💥
25 1 1 1 month ago
One more hour!!
My top pictures📍 it's been fun, lets do it again✌🏻 (3,500 likes on 118 posts)
16 1 1 month ago
I like how I'm in the middle
Merry Christmas Eve. 58°
18 1 month ago
City of Piggott
23 1 month ago
Piggot Arkanzas